Esperanza Gómez told what is the secret of the man who made her reach an orgasm easily

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The adult film actress revealed that there has only been one man in Colombia who has made her say “no más”, to reach such a level of sexual pleasure

Esperanza Gómez told what is the secret of the man who made her reach an orgasm easily

Esperanza Gómez told who the man is that has made her say "no more" in privacy. Photo: Instagram @soyesperanzagomez

Undoubtedly, Esperanza GómezShe is one of the creators of adult content that generates the most controversy with her statements and it is not for less, since her career in the production of porn cinema has made the Caldense position herself in front of other women who produce content for OnlyFans.

But few know what the voluptuous woman hides behind her intimate life and that, for example, she has two partners: one in Colombia and the other outside the country. One of them is the one that takes away her sleep and in a recent interview with Radioacktiva told which of them has had to say “no more”, as far as sexuality is concerned.

For the adult film actress, it is common to find men in this industry with large virile members and with whom, apparently, he manages to satisfy his sexual needs. However, this is not entirely true, since her partner in Colombia does not have all the characteristics that porn actors have and has made her find orgasm easily.

According to the creator of adult content, everything is in connection with her husband from Colombia, with whom she has been in a relationship for more than 17 years: “his size is the average size of men's penises and he is the man who makes me have orgasms the easiest. Without having it long, big, that fat, it's just attraction and chemistry”.

The constancy during the sexual relationship has also been important when it comes to the sexual act with her husband, for which she assures that he is the only one who has managed to fulfill most of her fantasies, including those of her followers.

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He is a man who climbs and is constant.< i> He is the only man to whom I have said: no more”,he explained. Additionally, the issue of intimacy is not the only thing that the porn actress has taken into account, but also the agreements they have reached in these two decades of relationship.

During the conversation with the station, he maintained that since he met his partner in Colombia, he knew that he was an unfaithful person and that he hired other women who provided personalized service, so they decided to reach an agreement to meet their partners. sexual, with a certain time to tell him that this happens or else, this would be considered by Gómez as an infidelity.

“He likes other guys to eat his partner, so I told him: you're not going to tell me which guy I'm going to eat. Let's do the following, I choose who I want to sleep with, but you will never boss me around and you choose who you want to eat”, Esperanza Gómez told Radioacktiva.

Esperanza Gómez returns to adult cinema

< p class="paragraph">It should be remembered that Esperanza Gómez has not participated in an audiovisual production since 2015, which is why she said with great enthusiasm that she is returning to the sets of and recording for those who asked for his return.

I do it for pleasure, because it is very different for me, recording for my platforms than when I do for a professional production. I enjoy more the traditional”, expressed the adult film actress for the program Lo Sé Todo.