Error in the popular game Minecraft breaks computers

Problem Minecraft Dungeons can erase data from your computer if you delete the game, but fortunately, there is a simple solution

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Ошибка в популярной игре Minecraft ломает компьютеры

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Appeared in sale on may 26, the long-awaited game Minecraft Dungeons got very nice evaluations. This is a spin-off of the original Minecraft, which turns the world into a kind of action-RPG Diablo. However, the release Minecraft Dungeons was marred by a serious error – the game can delete all the important files on the computer without the possibility to return them.

About this critical error reported by the developers of Mojang Studios. In their press release they said the following: “If you set Minecraft Dungeons in the user directory, there is a chance to remove Minecraft Launcher Dungeons along with the parent directory and all data in it.”

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Error means that if you decided to install the game c:Minecraft Dungeons, and then decided to uninstall it using the built-in Windows tool “add or remove programs”, all data on the C: drive can be irretrievably erased. The problem was discovered Mojang after one of the buyers of the game on Twitter wrote that removing the launcher destroyed his entire SSD full of games.

Mojang noted that the problem only affects versions of the game with the launcher. Version in the Windows Store safe. Tom’s Hardware reports that a hotfix is now available that can be applied by restarting the launcher.

Mojang warns that before you delete, the users should ensure that the program is run Minecraft Dungeons using Bootstrap version 166 or higher. You can verify this by going to “Settings” -> “About” -> “Bootstrap”. If the number is less than 166, just restart the launcher and it updates to fix annoying bugs.

We will remind that earlier the Windows 10 update deleted personal files and broken computers. Previously also Microsoft was forced to install harmful Windows update 10.

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