Ernesto Samper called on the Clan del Golfo to accept the total peace of the Government

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The former Colombian president asked the group outside the law to make known what their demands are to advance the process

Ernesto Samper called on the Clan del Golfo to avail himself of the total peace of the Government

File image of former Colombian President Ernesto Samper. Photo: EFE/David Aguilar

In the framework of the launching of the Humanitarian and Peacebuilding Table, former President Ernesto Samper called on the Clan of the Gulf so that it accepts the 'total peace' promoted by the current national president, Gustavo Petro.

From Montería (Córdoba ), the former national president asked the armed group to present to the national government what its proposals and demands are to benefit from the so-called total peace.

“ I want to make a call to the armed actors, starting with the Clan del Golfo, so that they take advantage of the proposal that they have madethe Government of President Gustavo Petro of a total peace, and so that they formulate what their demands are, what their aspirations are and what the guarantees are that they need to advance in this process of agreement for total peace”, said Samper.

The also lawyer added that, in order to ensure that these organizations outside the law are linked to the total peace project, it is necessary to advance a process that mediates between negotiation and submission.

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Next, the former national president pointed out that the national government's proposal is to agree on peace with all the armed groups in the country, especially in those territories where There has been a resurgence of the armed conflict in recent years.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time in recent days that former President Samper has made national news. On November 2, he and former national president Juan Manuel Santos were the topic of the day after, together with 16 former presidents from Latin America and the Caribbean, they sent a letter to the president of the United States, Joe Biden, to remove Cuba from the nation sponsors of terrorism.

In the letter, the former presidents expressed their “concern about the dramatic context in Cuba, aggravated by the recent passage of Hurricane Ian” .

The former presidents also stated that the current sanctions and limitations that the United States has imposed on Cuba can harmfully affect the island's inhabitants before the shortage of food and medicines that they currently suffer.

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Difficulties in access to medicines, the arrival of humanitarian aid, restrictions on financial services, tourism and third-party investments , highlighted the signatories in the letter sent to the US government.

Due to the above, the former regional presidents, including the former president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff; The former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, and the former president of Uruguay, Pepe Mujica, asked Biden to show solidarity with the situation that “thousands of Cubans are suffering and to lift the restrictions that affect the most vulnerable”.

Likewise, they asked the United States to remove Cuba from the State Department's list of countries that sponsor terrorism. The argument, according to the former presidents, is that support for the peace talks in Colombia has given the Cuban government a different relationship from the island with the region.

The dialogues with the current ELN, is an example of international cooperation, limited to the strict fulfillment of commitments assumed, confirms the identification of the country with values that have no relation to terrorism, concluded the signatories in the letter.