Erin O’Toole doesn’t want extremists in the Tory ranks

Erin O’Toole doesn’t want extremists in the Tory ranks

(Ottawa) Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party Erin O’Toole says there is “no room for the far right” within his party.

Mr O’Toole, who was elected leader of the Conservative Party in August, released a statement on Sunday in which he lists the ways in which he has given his party a more inclusive and moderate voice.

In particular, he wants to distance himself from the allegations of the Liberals who accuse him of tolerating alleged supporters of Donald Trump in his ranks.

The Liberals in particular pointed the finger at a conservative website which accused the government of wanting to rig the next election. Also featured was a photo of MP Candice Bergen wearing a MAGA cap. The site has since been deleted.

In his statement, Mr. O’Toole describes the Conservatives as forming “a conventional, moderate and pragmatic party”. He also condemns the violent irruption of supporters of Donald Trump in the Capitol, a few days ago.

He accuses the Liberals of wanting to import the policies of fear, division and disinformation that are flourishing in the United States.

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