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 Éric Duhaime calls for the suspension of Sylvain Lévesque

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Sylvain Lévesque has been in the spotlight since last week due to a Radio-Canada report according to which an employee of his constituency office suggested that a citizen wishing to advance her file pay to meet a minister. (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), Éric Duhaime, believes that CAQ MP Sylvain Lévesque should be suspended from his duties as second vice-president of the National Assembly while the Ethics Commissioner and of ethics is conducting an investigation into him.

Commissioner Ariane Mignolet opened an investigation into Mr. Lévesque on Monday, following #x27;a request from solidarity deputy Vincent Marissal.

Mr. Marissal claimed to have reasonable grounds to believe that Mr. Lévesque would have committed a breach of article 36 of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Members of the National Assembly.

More specifically, he suspects Mr. Lévesque's constituency office of having used a National Assembly email address to promote fundraising activities supporters of the Coalition Avenir Québec.

In a press release published Tuesday morning, Mr. Duhaime maintained that Mr. Lévesque no longer has the necessary impartiality and credibility to assume his functions as vice-president, as long as an investigation is opened on the subject. for his partisan actions, for which he should be suspended from this role.

Last week, Radio-Canada reported that an employee of the Chauveau office, the constituency where Mr. Lévesque is an MP, had offered to pay to meet a minister to a citizen who wanted to advance her file.

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At the office of the chief government whip, we responded that under no circumstances was the CAQ asking citizens to participate in fundraising cocktails to be able to meet elected officials.< /p>

The Ethics Commissioner, however, ruled that there was cause for investigation.

In the last general election, in October 2022, Mr. Lévesque was elected with 46.84% of support in Chauveau, finishing ahead of Mr. Duhaime. The Conservative leader had obtained the favor of 31.84% of voters in this riding.

Joined by Radio-Canada, the press secretary of the The parliamentary wing of the CAQ Marc Danis announced Tuesday morning that Sylvain Lévesque would remain in the caucus despite the opening of an investigation by the Ethics Commissioner.

According to sources, Mr. Lévesque would also not intend to withdraw from his function as second vice-president of the National Assembly , at least for now.

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