Erdogan agreed with Putin on a visit to Turkey

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Erdogan agreed with Putin to visit Turkey

Photo: Sputnik

On Wednesday , on August 2, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan held telephone talks with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. They agreed on the latter's visit to Ankara. This is reported by Hürriyet.

What they talked about: 

  • Erdogan and the dictator agreed on Putin's visit to Turkey; 
  • Erdogan emphasized the importance of avoiding an escalation of tensions in the war against Ukraine, and also emphasized the importance of the "grain agreement," which he sees as " ;bridge of peace";

Noting that inactivity of the Black Sea Initiative for a long period of time is not in anyone's interest and that low-income countries in need of grain will suffer the most damage, President Erdoğan noted that grain prices, which decreased by 23% during the implementation period of the initiative, increased by 15% in the last two weeks.

  • The Turkish president emphasized that that Ankara will make efforts to continue the "grain agreement"; 

The publication notes that the "grain agreement" will be discussed on the agenda of the meeting between the President of Turkey and the dictator. In particular, Erdoğan said that “Putin wants this humanitarian bridge to continue operating”.