Epic Games Store hands out free and forever just two games

Digital distribution service Epic Games Store hands out free and forever just two games of the product. Offer gamers the adventures of detective Sherlock Holmes and horror, made in the scenery of steampunk.

Epic Games Store раздает бесплатно и навсегда сразу две игры

The first lot is an action game with elements of a detective called Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. It was created by the specialists of the Ukrainian Studio Frogwares, known for The Sinking City. Sherlock Holmes needs to uncover the series of mysterious crimes.

The second title free action game in first person, called Close to the Sun. In the story we are talking about the journalist rose Archer. The girl concerned with the search for the missing sisters, and she uses aerial vehicle, built by Nikola Tesla.

To receive a digital copy of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes need to log on to the website of Epic Games Store. The second game available by adding it to the library Close to the Sun via a special link. Giveaway will end on 16 April at 18:00 (GMT), then the free action, in which you can become the owner of the game Just Cause and quest 4 Wheels of Aurelia.

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