Entry-2022: testing for graduates to take place in secret mode

Entry-2022: testing for graduates to take place in secret mode

Introduction 2022: Graduation Testing for Hidden Mode

The Ukrainian Center for Assessing the Quality of Light confirmed that the request for the Independent Multimedia Test had already appeared in the special rooms of the participants and asked not to reveal the place of the test.

“For safety reasons, we do not publish information about those who will be tested on the territory of Ukraine, nor on the websites of the Ukrainian and regional centers for assessing the quality of education, nor on our official pages at social services. Z tsієї Well, the reasons for the tsiogorіch are not publicized schedule of testing. It is strongly recommended not to speak out, if you pass the test, even if you can lay down the security of all participants in the national multi-subject test, & ndash; Go to the accompaniment. 

About 206,000 participants in the main NMT session have already received the request. They have a date, an hour in Kiev, and the address of the test.

If the participants, if they plan to pass the test outside the cordon, may lie, that in the requested hour is assigned outside Kiev.

"To return respect: admission to the timchasovy examination center is canceled 30 mins and is attached 10 mins before the ear of testing", – added to UTSOYA. 

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga