Did Monica Lewinsky have sex with Bill Clinton?

Entertainment: ‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar claims Hillary Clinton was 'real victim’ of Monica Lewinsky affair

The old comics, the novels, the radio dramas – adapt them into decent-budgeted Anime. Put them on Disney Plus. Stick a “legends” tag on them. Marvel’s doing something similar with What-If right now and it’s probably some of the most interesting/exciting things they’ve done with their heroes for a very, very long time.

Star Wars is arguably most successful as an animated endeavor anyway. Why not just lean all the way into both its influences and the huge, huge reach of Anime worldwide, and make Star Wars into an Anime full stop?

Star Wars: Visions looks cool as hell, but deep down, its greatest admiration is for the beating heart that has kept the galaxy far, far away ticking for generations.

Is it me, or does this article never actually articulate in any real way what that “beating heart” is? I feel like I’m being sort of bait and switched with all the allusions to some sort of grandiose THING that Star Wars really is but then there’s no THERE there! As if what Star Wars is to its Fandom is the suggestion that there’s a deeper meaning that justifies such a narrow focus on this one brand to the exclusion of most others. Not that there actually IS one.

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