Enrique Gómez predicts a bad year for the Government of Gustavo Petro

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Through his Twitter account, the former presidential candidate and director of the National Salvation Movement criticized the political, economic and social management of the Pact's mandate Historical

Enrique Gómez forecasts a bad year for the government of Gustavo Petro

The director of the National Salvation Movement assured that the youngest voters of Gustavo Petro will end up regretting it. Photo: Colprensa

After the arrival of Gustavo Petro to the presidency of the Republic and becoming the first openly left-wing head of state to have the country had, various sectors of the right have decided to be a fierce oppositionAn example of this are some members of the Democratic Center bench and other independents who criticize and question what they point out as mistakes by President Petro.

Enrique Gó mez predicts a bad year for the government of Gustavo Petro

María Fernanda Cabal criticized the presence of illegal groups in Nariño: “Petro's Total Peace advances” Enrique Gómez was also another who criticized the presence of illegal armed actors in the urban area of ​​the Policarpa municipality, Nariño


One ​​of the individuals who has stood out in the opposition is the director of the National Salvation Movement and former presidential candidate Enrique Gómez, the grandson of Laureano Gómez is one of the people with political relevance who has dedicated his day to day to questioning Petro, with whom he lost resoundingly in last year's elections.

Through the number #MisPronósticosDel2023, the director of the Salvation Movement began to indicate what he thinks will be the paths for the head of state this year. Gómez stressed that Gustavo Petro's voters, especially the younger ones whom he called 'naive and ignorant', will end up regretting having electorally supported the candidate of the Historical Pact.

Little by little, that group of young people who, out of resentment, naivety, ignorance or complicity, supported this regime will discover that what they call free does not exist. That what is subsidized and called free is paid by someone else”.

He also mentioned that Petro would end up being 'worse than corrupt' to the people he has pointed out throughout of his political career: “the petristas will discover that their messiah is as crooked as or more crooked than those who pointed out, that the Pact is Historical due to the number of thugs they add up. They will not recognize it and due to false pride they will overlap and excuse any type of abuse”.

Enrique Gómez forecasts a bad year for the Government of Gustavo Petro

Great trilling screenshot of Enrique Gómez

Although he not only questioned the Historical Pact, the director of the Salvation Movement also criticized the Conservative Party for having become a government bench . “more politicians by trade, who remain overlapping in opposition parties will accommodate themselves in favor of this misgovernment, as did the so-called conservative party. Be careful with that unprincipled riffraff who delivers for 'contractors'”.

Enrique Gómez predicts a bad year for the government of Gustavo Petro

María José Pizarro: in the next negotiation with the ELN the discussion will be the bilateral cessation The congresswoman from the Historical Pact pointed out that until At the moment the Government has not confirmed if the table would restart in Mexico or not


Another of the sections pointed out by Enrique Gómez was regarding the role that is being given to peace and its obtaining in the country. The former presidential candidate pointed out that what has been done is only to give strength to drug trafficking and organized crime.

The so-called binding dialogues will give the ELN narco gang more power and not only will they have the resources for all their criminal activities, they will seize the resources of the municipalities to strengthen their criminal networks (…) The armed takeover of the narco-guerrillas will increase of the Farc and the ELN in small towns as is happening at this moment in the Valley. The dream of criminals like Pablo Escobar, Tirofijo and Carlos Cataño is being made reality by Petro”, the director of the National Salvation Movement tweeted on his official networks.

Enrique Gómez predicts a bad year for the government of Gustavo Petro

Forecasts for this year trilled by Enrique Gómez.

Among the criticisms of peace, Gómez strongly questioned the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP): “it will continue mocking the victims and the narco-guerrillas, the FARC's genocide at the head of the cynical criminals who receive high salaries in Congress will continue to launder their atrocious crimes, posing as tame doves”.

Enrique Gómez predicts a bad year for the government of Gustavo Petro

Francia Márquez at the UN: “I represent a government that came to change the history of my country” The Vice President highlighted the support it has received from the international community and efforts to achieve peace


Gómez under his particular way of doing opposition, pointed out that the Petro government would end up creating squads to violently assist the protesters as happens in Venezuela, although it must be remembered that in the violent actions carried out against the protesters in the government of Duque, the director of the Salvation Movement, was characterized by his complete silence.

Just as he criticized the creation of the Ministry of Equality, since he sees it as a portfolio created to pay favors politicians, stating that it is better to 'should be called by its name: vote buying office'. He commented that there is a great opportunity for the right and opposition in this year's elections.

We have a chance in regional elections. Colombians who have been indifferent to politics will have to choose between a Colombia of development and compliance with the law or total decomposition at the hands of the criminal socialist model of Petro”.

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