Enrique Gómez called for a national strike after the opposition marches

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The former presidential candidate stated that after the marches against the government of Gustavo Petro, a “National Strike” should be held

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Enrique Gómez called for a national strike after the opposition marches

El leader of the National Salvation Movement assured that after the marches a national strike should take place. Photo: Colprensa

President Gustavo Petro a few days ago he served three months at the helm of the country and despite the fact that the Historical Pact and the government parties are happy with the progress he has made so far, such as the tax reform, the policy of Total Peace, the resumption international relations with Venezuela, among others, the opposition has taken a dim view of some of these actions, which is why they have taken to the streets three times to demonstrate.

The former presidential candidate of the National Salvation Movement, Enrique Gómez, has been one of the political leaders who has criticized and questioned President Gustavo Petro the most, which is why he has invited people to participate in the different social demonstrations against the government of the current president, however, a recent message on his social networks made him a target of criticism.

After the different marches against the government of Gustavo Petro, now Gómez expressed the option of calling a national strike, this in order to demonstrate the annoyance and nonconformity that various sectors of society have with the president. For the leader of the National Salvation Movement, this is what will happen after the mobilizations.

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“And of course yes, after the mobilizations there should be a National Strike”,affirmed Enrique Gómez on his social networks.

Enrique Gómez called for a national strike after the opposition marches

This message was not well received by some users on social networks who were against this possibility and responded to Gómez's call.“What mobilizations are you talking about, old man… Hahahaha”; “And this is supposed to be opposition? I see in his trills nothing more than someone trying to bully someone he doesn't like… I see nothing of valid reasons and options to build”; “The pro-productivity inciting to stop the national productive apparatus, which we have to see in this banana plantation.”

However, this has not been the only time that the opposition mentions the possibility of a national strike, since a few days ago the businessman, spokesman for the recall against Mayor Daniel Quintero and one of the organizers of the march, Andrés Rodríguez, affirmed that, “we have to take action and take the regional protest to the capital. Either the reforms fall, or we will continue to set the scene for the protests until we go on a national strike”

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Enrique Gómez called for a national strike after the opposition marches

“The great takeover of Bogotá” organized by the opposition

Since Gustavo Petro became the president of Colombia, three marches have been organized against his government, now the organization called,The 'National Roundtable for Freedom' called for new days of demonstrations, this time for three days in a row (November 17, 18 and 19). The organization hopes to have all the citizens and social sectors that are against the reforms of the head of state.

‘The great takeover of Bogotá’as it was called to the demonstrations will be distributed throughout the three days. On November 17 sit-ins will be held at the Registrar's Office, on the 18th the same will be done but at the CNE, demanding the resignation of Alexander Vega and on the 19th the march “for freedom” will be held, the latter will begin in the National Park, then a sit-in will be held at the Ministry of Health and will culminate in the Plaza de Bolívar.

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In the statement that was released to the media you can read: “To all citizen forces, young people, students, businessmen and their collaborators, housewives, health professionals, unions, residents abroad, pensioners, transporters, taxi drivers, bikers, shopkeepers, informal workers, industrialists, ranchers, farmers, environmentalists, religious, peasants, merchants , reservists, from the coal guild, from the textile guild, to the entire city Dadania, to participate in our actions of peaceful protest.”