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Enough of narcotics to “drug the entire Capitale-Nationale region”” /></p>
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<p class=Christopher Dion was in possession of the equivalent of a million pills of methamphetamine, which earned him a sentence of seven years in prison.

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A young Beauceron is serving a sentence from penitentiary after having in his possession the equivalent of a million methamphetamine tablets.

Christopher Dion, who ;had no criminal record, entered the criminal world through the front door, with a sentence of seven years in prison.

Arrested last May, the Saint-Bernard resident cut short the legal process by admitting his guilt in October.

The 25-year-old thus avoided a trial which would have made it possible to learn more about the extent of the evidence collected against him.

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The prosecutor, Me Jean-Simon Larouche, briefly explained to the Court the accusations of drug possession and trafficking charges against Dion.

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The prosecutor, Me Jean -Simon Larouche.

According to the summary of facts, police became interested in Christopher Dion in November 2022, suspecting him of producing methamphetamine.

Shadowing teams will follow him on his journeys, and see him transporting bins of gray plastic between different warehouses.

The police will carry out a series of searches which will allow several of these bins to be recovered. In total, the seizure amounts to no less than 342,000 methamphetamine tablets and 21.5 kilos of this drug in its pure state.

Me Larouche explained that a methamphetamine tablet contains 8% of this drug.

According to his calculations, with the kilos of drugs seized, the total amount of tablets that could have flooded the Beauce and Quebec market amounts to exactly 953,795 pills.

That's enough methamphetamine to drug the entire Capitale-Nationale region.

A quote by Me Jean-Simon Larouche, prosecutor for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP)

With the equivalent of a million tablets seized, the quantity strikes the imagination, agreed Dion's lawyer, Me Simon Roy.

The criminal lawyer admits having difficulty finding a similar case to assess the sentence to impose on his client who was on his first visit to the Court.

The defense and prosecution lawyers agreed to suggest an overall sentence of seven years, which Judge Réna Émond accepted.

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