Without forcing, England quietly won against Senegal (3-0). The Three Lions will face the Blues in the quarter-finals.

England - Senegal: match notes< /p>

  • England - Senegal: notes /></p>
<p> England 3 – 0 </p>
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    • J. Henderson 38'
    • H. Kane 45+3'
    • B. Saka 57'

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In their rich respective footballing history, the two nations had never faced each other before this round of 16 World Cup. It was therefore a great first which promised to be thrilling between these two formations. On the one hand, England, reigning European vice-champion, on the other, Senegal, African Champion 2021. A very interesting confrontation in perspective therefore. Unfortunately, the meeting gave birth to a very sluggish start with two teams sizing each other up. After a long period of observation, the English began to press their opponents with conviction to maintain the pressure in the Senegalese camp. Despite this, the Senegalese finally got the first hot situations.

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On a bad recovery from Harry Maguire, Youssouf Sabaly overflowed and crossed hard at the penalty spot where Boulaye Dia was blocked in extremis by John Stones. The ball returned in front of the goal where Ismaïla Sarr, however alone, hit just above the English goal (23rd). Half an hour into the game, Bukayo Saka missed his back pass which benefited Ismaïla Sarr. The Watford player slipped the leather for Boulaye Dia who shot from a tight angle and his attempt was repelled by Jordan Pickford (31st). A few minutes later, Jude Bellingham, well served by Jude Bellingham, carried the ball and entered the box. The English nugget crossed back towards the penalty spot where Jordan Henderson executed a cross shot that deceived Edouard Mendy (39th, 1-0).

England all fired up

The realization of the Liverpool player did a lot of good for the men of Gareth Southgate. The English were much more dangerous in the wake of this first achievement. At first, Harry Kane sent his recovery over the Senegalese goal after a good cross from Bukayo Saka (41st) then Jude Bellingham launched Luke Shaw who tumbled but pushed his ball too much and his cross was finally blocked for a corner by Édouard Mendy (43rd). Just before the break, England doubled the lead thanks to their home goalscorer. Still on the initiative, Jude Bellingham launched Phil Foden in depth. The latter fixed Kalidou Koulibaly and gave the leather to Harry Kane. On the right of the surface, the Spurs player shot Édouard Mendy with an unstoppable recovery (45th + 3, 2-0).

When they returned from the locker room, Senegal returned to the meadow with the desire to put more pressure in the midfield. Shifted by Pape Gueye, Youssouf Sabaly delivered a center back and Pape Matar Sarr emerged to arm a recovery that narrowly passed the opposing cages (50th). After this failed attempt, the English regained control of the game. Harry Kane even tried a long shot and the effect put by the player in the ball surprised Édouard Mendy who let the leather slip before winning in two stages (56th). In the continuity of this opportunity, Phil Foden took his lane then crossed low to the ground towards the near post where Bukayo Saka emerged to get ahead of Abdou Diallo and deceive Édouard Mendy with a cross shot (57th, 3-0).

The Three Lions will find the Blues in the quarter

With just over 30 minutes left to play at that time, Senegal did not seem capable of reversing the trend. On a free kick in the middle about 25 meters from the English cages, Pape Matar Sarr triggered a powerful shot that went to the right of Jordan Pickford's goal (74th). For its part, England was quietly heading towards a relatively easy qualification for the rest of the competition and in particular a confrontation against the French team in the quarter-finals next Saturday. The English also managed the end of the meeting so as not to leave too many feathers in the battle before finding the Blues, qualified after their victory against Poland (3-1), in the next round therefore.

Man of the Match: Kane (8.5):as a good captain, he showed the way and did almost everything well. The Senegalese defense has never been able to find the parade to block the Tottenham striker, always infernal in his deviations or in his possession of the ball. He will not brood over his failure for long (41st), since his opening for Bellingham is decisive on the opening of the score of Henderson (39th), before he shows composure to make the break (45th + 3 ). From the height of his 11 achievements, he is the only top scorer for the Three Lions in a major tournament ahead of Gary Lineker (10). France is warned.


  • Pickford (6.5):his firm left hand will make Dia nightmare for a very long time (31st). Without the decisive intervention of the Everton goalkeeper, the scenario of this round of 16 could have been quite different. He did what was necessary, while being surgical in his kicking game and greatly helping his partners in the recovery. Flawless.

  • Walker (6):Kylian Mbappé is warned. In view of the solid performance of the former Spurs, who gained momentum in the round of 16, the Bondynois knows that he will not have a good life next Saturday in Qatar. Manchester City's right-back first made his mark, losing a few duels, before muzzling Sarr well in his lane (2 clearances, 1 interception, 2 tackles), not being worried in the second half.

  • Stones (6):a pretty solid game for the Manchester City centre-back, who hasn't been in much demand either. If he defends happily against Dia (23rd), he was above all content to do his job well (1 clearance, 1 shot blocked, 1 interception), while being the first spearhead of his team (96 balls hit, 92% successful passes). Replaced by Dier (77th).

  • Maguire (6):apart from a few problems with the ball at the foot or in the recovery (82% of successful passes), like the one completely missed having offered a goal opportunity to the Lions (23rd), not much to report for the captain of this selection English. He cracked some valuable returns in his area, compensating for his lack of speed with his combativeness (6/9 in the duel) and his placement (2 clearances, 1 blocked shot, 5 tackles).

  • Shaw (5.5):the left side of Manchester United had a relatively calm game on the left side. Diatta never really succeeded in worrying him in the first period. Offensively, he showed himself quite well (1 key pass), making his presence known in the last Senegalese meters with a few well thought-out crosses (2/2).

  • Henderson (6.5): the experienced Liverpool midfielder has done the Three Lions good. First scorer in the game at the conclusion of a superb collective movement (39th), he flew over the debates against the Lions midfielders (100% of his duels won), showing himself to be precious with the ball at his feet and reassuring in the defensive phase. Replaced by Phillips (81st).

  • Rice (6): the English sentry once again proved to be very solid in front of the Three Lions defense. Still as robust in duels and crucial in his interventions, the West Ham midfielder recalled that he did not know what to defend by allowing himself a few breakthroughs and incursions into the opposing camp, while being very precise in his transmissions.

  • Bellingham (8):another monstrous game from the young English midfielder. At first a little shy, like the time to take the measure of the event, he then radiated and strongly contributed to the total extinction of the Senegalese midfield. His long strides in the last Senegalese third hurt. This is also how he brings the first goal, serving Henderson on a set. Defensively, he participated perfectly in the balance and total domination of his partners (2 interceptions, 4 tackles). Replaced by Mount (76th).

  • Saka (7):game after game, Arsenal's talent confirms, again and again. With a subtle dive, the English No. 17 scored his third goal of the tournament in Qatar, for his first participation in a World Cup. In his right lane, he hurt Jakobs very badly (3/4 in the duel) throughout the game, through his body play, his movements or his transmissions. His defensive involvement should be highlighted (3 tackles), even if he sometimes seemed a little too late in the duels, and his loss of the ball was the source of a huge opportunity (31st). Note that his cross should have been decisive for Kane (41st) and that he lacked precision in front of goal (54th). Replaced by Rashford (65th).

  • Kane (8.5): see above

  • Foden (7.5):the English of Her Majesty's Kingdom may savor. They waited to see their gem at work in this 2022 World Cup, but it's hard to imagine him getting out of this collective as he shows himself at ease and makes huge differences in his left lane, that he doesn't have to. Besides, not much left against Senegal. His two assists speak volumes about his impact in this English collective, as do his 3 key assists in this round of 16. Replaced by Grealish (65th).


  • Mendy (3) :a good dive made (55th)… and that's it. He can't do much about Henderson's goal, but shows a bit questionable placement on Kane's. He also missed his exit for the third goal, signed Saka. A missed World Cup for the Chelsea goalkeeper.

  • Jakobs (3):the Monegasque had a lot of work against Kane and Saka throughout the match. He couldn't contain Saka in his lane and was often overtaken, especially on the third goal. However, he was important in the air (3 duels won). Offensively, he could not progress on his side and offer crosses. Replaced by Ballo-Touré (82nd).

  • Diallo (2):a trial. This is how to sum up the performance of the central defender. He started with a big mistake, losing the ball in his area against Saka (9th). On the first goal, he was eaten by Bellingham in the duel and showed a catastrophic alignment on the second goal scored by Kane.

  • Koulibaly (4): the boss of the Lions defense could not do anything. He was bound to be the toughest in duels and did what he could to stop Kane from punching. But the task was too complicated and he was sometimes obliged to cover the errors of his partners, in particular on the cross of Foden for the third goal.

  • Sabaly (5):offensively, he was one of the fairest. After a good cross on his side (23rd), he dropped a nice ball towards Sarr … who missed the target (50th). Defensively, he was the strongest and did what he could to hold his side ahead of Foden and Saka (24th, 26th).

  • N. Mendy (4):an equally complicated game for Mendy, completely shaken up by the English block. His transmission work was however important in the first period, but like his partners, his second period was missed.

  • Ciss (3):< /strong> in trouble from the start of the match, the Rayo Vallecano midfielder was drowned by the block of the Three Lions. Bellingham and Foden hurt him a lot and he loses the ball on Kane's goal. Ciss was not there in this round of 16 and was replaced at half-time by P. Sarr (4), who had a more offensive role and missed a big chance (55th ). He didn't help the situation.

  • Sarr (4): more prominent than Diatta, the former Rennais was interesting against Walker and offered himself a great opportunity (23rd), before a good ball shifted to Dia (32nd). A big attacking job in the first half, but then faded after the break and was much less impactful.

  • Ndiaye (3):technical imprecision and difficulty in duels. The step seemed too high for the 22-year-old striker, who was completely blocked by the English defense. He was released at half-time in place of P. Gueye (4), who was more impactful, without however succeeding in bringing freshness.

  • Diatta (3): a good cross addressed at the start of the match (23rd), but then nothing. Overwhelmed in the defensive recesses, he could not do anything and his offensive work was non-existent, with only 16 balls touched. Replaced at half-time by Dieng (3), who couldn't do anything and only touched 15 balls. A completely missed strike to report (89th).

  • Dia (3): a big missed opportunity after being blocked by Stones (23rd), before rubbing shoulders with Pickford, on a shot worked much better (31st). But apart from that, the former Stade de Reims striker was non-existent and touched very few balls in the second half. A frustrating game. Replaced by Diedhiou (71st)


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