Engineer who provided parallel office met with head of PCM

Engineer who provided parallel office met with head of PCM

Elizabeth Pérez, who facilitated the meeting of 'Los Chiclayanos' with Housing officials, had three meetings with Aníbal Torres to coordinate the execution of reconstruction works .

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 Engineer who provided parallel office met with head of PCM

Elizabeth Pérez, friend of Alejandro Sánchez, had three meetings with Aníbal Torres. Composition: GEC

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Elizabeth Pérez Alarcón, the engineer who lent the department of Surquillo where 'Los Chiclayanos'received information on works in the Housing sector, met three times with Prime Minister Aníbal Torres to coordinate the execution of works by the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes (ARCC). This entity, to which she provided services, manages a total budget of S/8 billion for 2022.

Pérez is a friend of businessman Alejandro Sánchez, one of 'Los Chiclayanos' and the so-called 'political bureau' of President Pedro Castillo (also made up of businessman Abel Cabrera and the mayor of Anguía, José Nenil Medina). Sánchez also owns the house on Pasaje Sarratea, in Breña, where Castillo dispatched when he was proclaimed president.

In August 2021, Pérez, who was previously operations manager for two real estate agencies in Chiclayo, rented an apartment in the building located at 261 Palo Blanco Street, in Surquillo, through a third party.

In that place, on August 20 of last year, the meeting was held, as if it were a parallel ministerial office, in which 'Los Chiclayanos' participated, Salatiel Marrufo (as head of the cabinet of advisers to the then Minister of Housing, Geiner Alvarado , now head of the MTC) and two officials from the portfolio. Alejandro Sánchez has stated that Pérez lent the apartment. Not long after that appointment, Pérez, who is from Chiclayo, began working for state entities that see the execution of public works.

—Well recommended—

In March of this year, after serving in the Ministry of Housing, Pérez was hired to work at the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri).

That month, the head of Midagri, Óscar Zea, appointed Robert López López general coordinator of the reconstruction “special team”, a program created in 2019 to advise local and regional authorities in reviewing their technical files and execution of works. of the reconstruction due to the coastal El Niño of 2017.

Like Pérez, López had previously been in Housing, but as executive director of the National Program of Urban Sanitation.

As soon as López assumed the coordination of the Midagri reconstruction “special team”, Pérez was summoned to monitor and evaluate the works in progress, and received S /30,000 in total for his services.

At the end of May of this year, Aníbal Torres, who has been head of the Cabinet since February 2022, chose to replace Robert López as director of the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes, a program attached to the PCM that promotes the execution of works to rebuild areas affected by coastal El Niño. Amalia Moreno Vizcardo, the former executive director of the ARCC, was dismissed without explanation.

After Robert López held that position of trust, Pérez began to provide services to the ARCC. And although she was hired by service orders, she participated in meetings with Aníbal Torres.

Visitor logs from the State transparency portal indicate that Pérez met three times with Torres. In the first, on June 7, Pérez, Robert López and Eduardo Canales, head of the ARCC Project Management Office, were present. A second meeting took place the following day, on June 8.

The last meeting was on August 2nd. This time it was not in the PCM, but in the Grau room of the Government Palace. The visit report indicates that the Prime Minister, the director of the ARCC and Pérez were present. At the ARCC, Pérez has received at least S/36,000 for his services.

—The front door—

Before being in Midagri and in the ARCC, Pérez worked in Housing, also for service orders. After a visit to Salatiel Marrufo on October 28, 2021, the engineer from Chiclayo was hired by the Our Cities Program (PNC), in charge of approving and executing projects in urban areas at the national level.

Pérez dispatched with the then executive director of PNC, Armando Barraza Quispe, with whom he met four times.

For his services in Housing, between November 2021 and January 2022, he obtained two service orders for a total of S/24,500. The initial concept was for its technical assistance to update costs and civil engineering issues in the modification of urban development projects for the population of the lower area of ​​Belén, in Iquitos. The second contract, signed two days after a meeting with Minister Alvarado, was for the “monitoring and technical assistance of public investment projects in the execution phase of the PNC.”

On January 11 of this year, Pérez met with Minister Geiner Alvarado, with Marrufo and with José Jeiner Medina Cabrera, a young business administrator from Tacabamba (Chota) and a former militant of Peru Libre.

El Comercio tried to contact Elizabeth Pérez to collect her defense, but she did not respond to our request until the end of the edition.< /p>PARALLEL DIRECTIVE

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