Engine oil ran out on the road: how not to destroy the car

Engine oil ran out on the road: how not to destroy the car

Many Ukrainian motorists are forced to evacuate to safe areas of the country during the war. Sometimes during the evacuation, the car suddenly suddenly runs out of engine oil. Edition today.ua tells how to act in such a critical situation.

Motor oil ran out on the road: how not to ruin your car

Evacuation from war zones is complicated by a variety of factors, and first of all, shelling of the Russian occupiers. If the car suddenly malfunctions, and there is not only a service station nearby, but even a settlement, then, of course, there is also a reason to panic. But you never need to despair!

If during the evacuation (and during a normal trip) the emergency oil pressure lamp in the instrument cluster starts blinking, then you need to take urgent measures.

What exactly ? First check for oil leaks from the engine. Oil leakage can occur through the oil filter seal, a crack in the oil pan, through a squeezed oil seal. If the oil leak is minimal and the engine is running normally, then you can continue driving.

Experienced drivers, if there is no “native” engine oil in stock, fill in any engine oil that they can find. Remember that it is absolutely harmless to fill in another oil with a quality and viscosity level no lower than acceptable for the engine of your “iron horse”.

Sometimes they even fill in diesel oil if a truck driver helps out. It is better to ride on such a “bodyag” than without engine oil at all. Of course, this mixture should be replaced as soon as possible.