“Endorphins”: Jamala and Pianoboy presented a duet track

“Endorphins”: Jamala and Pianoboy presented a duet track

Jamal and Pianoboy. Photo: instagram.com/jamalajaaa

Ukrainian performers Jamala and Pianoboy have released a joint song “Endorphins”.

The music and lyrics were written by Jamala and Dmitry Shurov.

Endorphins for smiling, falling in love and giving listeners a little lightness that we all lack so much. I wrote this song three years ago, when I was pregnant with Emir-Rahman. But put it on the back burner. And all this time she was waiting in the wings, ”Jamala said.

Over time, she sent a demo tape to Shurov.

Anyone who does not forget how to fall in love still has a chance for simple human happiness. Each falling in love is a bold attempt to let something new into oneself, ”added Shurov.

We suggest listening to the new composition of Jamala and Pianoboy:

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