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End-of-year ministerial exams moved again | Kindly ;ves in the public sector in Quebec

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The dates of the uniform tests of the Ministry of Education of Quebec will be moved again at the request of teachers. (Archive photo)

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At the request of teachers, the Legault government will once again modify the schedule of its uniform tests, some of them having been scheduled for the last week of class, a period usually dedicated to end-of-year trips. year and graduation ceremonies.

The dates announced by the Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ) on Thursday will therefore be revised, at least at the elementary level. The holding of a mathematics exam for 6th grade students, from June 17 to 19, was particularly contested by the unions, who complain of not having been consulted.

Following discussions and issues expressed, we confirm that the ministry will submit a new calendar of tests for primary school while preserving teaching time as much as possible, said the office of Minister Bernard Drainville in a written statement sent to Radio-Canada on Friday.

A first reshuffling of the calendar of end-of-year uniform tests was made necessary by the strikes observed by the FAE and the FSE-CSQ at the end of 2023, which deprived students of 9 to 22 days of instruction.

In presenting his catch-up plan on January 9, Minister Drainville announced that like the uniform tests in December, those scheduled for May and June would be postponed by two to seven days, without however exceeding on Friday, June 21.

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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However, the calendar submitted to the unions on Thursday provided, at the primary level, for certain exams to be held 11, 12, or even 13 days beyond the date initially circled on the calendar.

Certain uniform tests had been moved to the week of June 17, too late for the taste of many teachers, who argued that this period was historically dedicated to other types of activities.

At primary school, there are often a lot of activities planned in the last week of June, that is to say we organize trips, we organize shows, we organizes sporting activities, explained Friday Brigitte Bioldeau, first vice-president of educational and professional files at the FSE.

Indignant, the FAE also declared on the X network that the proposed dates did not take into consideration certain major issues in the circles. her, the absence of a realistic correction time, between exams and the end of the school year, and the obsolescence of certain schools, while the outside temperature, in mid-June, will be high , are just a few examples of the elements that the MEQ will have to take into account in reconfiguring its calendar.

I'm starting to be convinced that someone in the government is mad at us for this. having been on strike for 22 days.

A quote from Pierre Gagnon, 5th year primary school teacher, in an interview with Radio-Canada

This new twist comes in an already tense climate between the Legault government and the teachers' unions, the latter being busy these days voting on the agreements of principle concluded between the two parties during the holidays.

The Haute-Yamaska ​​Education Union (SEHY) was also expected to announce later Friday whether or not its members have endorsed the #x27;agreement between Quebec and the FAE. Its rejection would have the effect of plunging the parties back into a new phase of negotiations.

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