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7Z 3i [EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic - The Times Hub

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

Here you will find all the news related to this crisis which has hit the population, governments and the economy for several months.


  • Case: 96 938 729
  • Death: 2,077,005


  • Case: 729,829, including 247,236 in Quebec
  • Death: 18,462, including 9,208 in Quebec

All the news for Thursday, January 21, 2021

7:49 am | Foreigners caught by authorities without masks on the Indonesian island of Bali have been reprimanded and forced to do push-ups.

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

7:46 am | The second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic is proving deadliest in Africa, where the death rate now exceeds the global average, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

6:35 am | Mongolia: resignation of the Prime Minister after a controversy related to COVID-19.

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

The Mongolian prime minister announced his resignation on Thursday, the day after a demonstration in the streets of the capital Ulaanbaatar denouncing the treatment of a young mother sick with COVID-19 and her newborn baby.

Mongolia imposes strict border controls and is hardly affected by the epidemic. The emergence in November of the first cases of local transmissions, however, led to containments and restrictions, unpopular with the public.

That discontent turned to anger this week after a video broadcast on television showing a mother, who had apparently just given birth, being transported from a hospital to an infectious disease center.

In the images, the woman is dressed in simple pajamas and plastic slides, while outside temperatures are currently -25 degrees.

The broadcast of the images caused an uproar. And protests outside the seat of government in Ulaanbaatar on Wednesday prompted Prime Minister Khurelsukh Ukhnaa to announce his resignation.

“Unfortunately, we made a mistake while transporting this mother,” he admitted. “It’s heartbreaking to see the way she was treated. ”

“As prime minister, I must take responsibility” for this fault, Khurelsukh Ukhnaa stressed at a press conference.

6:33 am | Shanghai neighborhood evacuated after three cases of COVID-19.

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

A residential area in central Shanghai was being evacuated Thursday after the discovery of at least three cases of COVID-19, the first reported in the gigantic Chinese metropolis since early November.

The authorities did not specify how many inhabitants were evacuated as part of this operation, which began after China has been facing limited epidemic upsurges for several days in several regions of the country.

Two of those found to be carriers of the new coronavirus work in two different hospitals and are neighbors. The third is one of their relationships.

On site, an AFP journalist saw that buses were being disinfected, with drivers in protective suits responsible for taking residents to quarantine centers. Several streets were blocked.

6:30 am | Coronavirus: Moscow relaxes restrictions.

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, announced on Thursday an easing of measures to combat the coronavirus in the Russian capital on Friday, arguing in particular of the success of the vaccination campaign.

“The situation regarding the spread of the infection inspires cautious optimism,” he wrote on his website, noting that the number of new cases daily (2,000 to 4,000 per day last week) was “significantly lower. until the end of December ”.

“The rate of vaccination has increased considerably. More than 220,000 Muscovites have already received reliable protection against the virus, ”he added.

Russia launched a mass vaccination campaign against the coronavirus this week: all categories of the population can now receive the Sputnik V vaccine. Among the measures announced by Sergei Sobyanin include the reopening of colleges, kindergartens or schools in sport, that of museums or libraries as well as the increase in the level of the authorized public in theaters or cinemas, which goes from 25% to 50%.

No change for bars and restaurants that will continue to close at 11 p.m., and businesses that will still have to ensure that at least 30% of their employees are telecommuting.

Unlike several European countries, Russia has so far not wished to reintroduce national containment measures in order to protect a weakened economy.

According to the latest official tally, more than 3.6 million Russians have been infected with the virus, placing Russia fourth among the most affected countries.

6:28 am | The new US administration, taking the opposite view of outgoing President Donald Trump, made its big comeback Thursday at the WHO, assuring it of its support and praising its leadership role in the fight against the pandemic.

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

6:22 am | The Biden administration unveils on Thursday a detailed roadmap focused on scientific expertise to fight COVID-19 by increasing vaccinations and screenings, as the pandemic enters its “deadliest” phase according to the new US president .

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

0h00 | While it will be six weeks before smaller masks are available in high schools, a Quebec entrepreneur says he can deliver millions now at a fraction of the price of those currently distributed in the school network.

[EN DIRECT 21 JANVIER 2021] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

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