“Empress Francia Márquez”, as María Fernanda Cabal called the vice president during the debate on the creation of the Ministry of Equality

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The senator from the Democratic Center also said that this new ministry seeks to give the vice president a blank check

“Empress Francia Márquez”, as María Fernanda Cabal called the vice president during the debate on the creation of the Ministry of Equality

The opposition senator also warned that equality is only possible before God and the law. Photo: Colprensa.

During the discussion in the First Committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the bill through which the Ministry of Equality is created, the senator of the Democratic Center and staunch opponent of the Government of Gustavo Petro, María Fernanda Cabal, referred to the vice president as “the Empress Francia Márquez”, warning, furthermore, that 'handing over' that ministry would be giving her a blank check.

“This proposal seeks to create her desire to Vice President Francia Márquez, Empress Francia MárquezThey want to create their own palace for the one who talks about the oppressors and the oppressed. One day on Twitter I told him to change his name because not even his name is that of an African colonizing empire,” said Senator Cabal.

It is worth noting that the Democratic Center senator was speaker of the project, a presentation in which he asked that the project be sunk, which he described as an initiative of “cultural Marxism” and warning that equality is before God and the law.

“Equality, congressmen, is only possible in the eyes of God, who created us equal, and before the law. In the revolutionary fantasy of the progressives, they want to impose on us that we all be equal; No gentlemen, this is even a biological impossibility, each one is an individual, unique and unrepeatable, with their own DNA, with their own talents and abilities. Why in this government do we have to end up kneeling before the irrational emotionality of progressivism?” affirmed the senator from the Democratic Center.

The senator then warned that in order to achieve that equality before the law , it is only possible by giving opportunities to those who have not had them due to economic deprivation.

“For example, breaking the chains of poverty for those who do not have the money to educate themselves, giving health to those who cannot pay for private health. But it is not rewarding someone for their skin color, or for their condition and favoring them over others who have merit. This type of equality destroys merit, despises personal effort.”

Likewise, she reiterated that this proposal only seeks to create more bureaucracy and increase the size of a State that, for her, it is incapable of solving the problems of citizens and has become an obstacle to individual liberties, based on “collectivist doctrines”.

In this regard, the senator warned that if the national government really sought equality “we would start by making other types of reforms that I do not see in the president of change. Let's start by discarding Colombia, by reducing the size of the State. There is no decree or resolution of this government reducing the size of the State. It's a lie.”

President Gustavo Petro, in his Twitter account, reacted to the opposition's questions regarding the creation of the Ministry of Equality, and reproached the attitude of uribista senators María Fernanda Cabal and Paloma Valencia, saying that he does not understand why the opposition does not support this type of initiative that seeks to guarantee, according to the president, equality among Colombians.

“I don't understand what bothers them about having an institutional framework to fight to end social and ethnic exclusion. It is not the slaveholders' society that can be sustained in the 21st century, it is the just and free society that can take on the challenges of our century.”

To which the senator Cabal, also on Twitter, replied:

“It is not demanding extraordinary powers and at the same time hiding how much this new Ministry will cost -or the “Palace” for the Empress Francia Márquez” -, nor with bureaucratic charges to buy congressmen, who fight in favor of the poor. Socialism is a failure.”