Emirates launches daily flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai

Emirates launches daily flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai

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 Emirates launches daily flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai

Flight EK 931, which arrived at Ben Gurion Airport, became the first Emirates flight on the route Dubai — Tel Aviv. Hundreds of people watched as the huge “game-changing” Boeing 777 rolled down the runway. The plane's arrival was attended by Transportation Minister Meirav Michaeli, UAE Ambassador Mohamed Al-Hajja and Israel's Ambassador to the UAE Amir Hayek.

Two years after the normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates through the Abraham Accords, Israelis can travel to Dubai on daily Emirates flights. .More than 80 destinations can be reached by Emirates from Dubai, which is the airline's hub.

“Relations between Israel and the UAE are a game-changer and are now stronger. This is the core of the region, and we must continue to build on our joint capabilities, ", — Michaeli said.

In addition to expanding travel opportunities, the new flight brings trade benefits. Up to 20 tons of cargo can be transported daily between Israel and the UAE.

According to Emirates COO Adel Ahmad Al Redha, while the inaugural Boeing 777 will not be regularly used on this route, many of its premium features will be available to those flying between Tel Aviv and Dubai.

the number includes private cabins, business class chairs that convert to beds, large TVs and a gourmet kitchen.

“Tel Aviv represents a major milestone in expanding our services to the region. I wouldn't be surprised if I see a second flight from Tel Aviv in the next few months, — Al Redh said.

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