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Émilise Lessard-Therrien asks for help help from its deputies to join the regions

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Émilise Lessard-Therrien wants to “start fresh” for the next parliamentary session, her first as co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire.

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At the dawn of the start of the parliamentary term, the new co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire (QS) promises to spend a lot of time in the field to defend the interests of the regions. “I won't be able to do it alone,” warns Émilise Lessard-Therrien, in an interview with Radio-Canada.

On the sidelines of the party caucus , which is being held Thursday in Laval, all deputies will be given the mandate to represent a region, which was not done until now.

It's a first, we're trying it, says Émilise Lessard-Therrien.

Thus, Montreal elected officials Vincent Marissal and Manon Massé, for example, will become spokespersons respectively for Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine and Côte- North. Ruba Ghazal will be responsible for Mauricie and Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Andrés Fontecilla, for Centre-du-Québec, and Haroun Bouazzi, for Chaudière-Appalaches.

The QS co-spokeswoman believes they can do better than the government MPs who reside there.

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We see that the CAQ works with many top guns ministers, but there are many deputies from regions that we never hear from, she said. Then at the moment, there is a lack, in the regions, of voices who are there to talk about the issues experienced in their reality.

She cites as proof the closure of the Rivière-Rouge emergency room at night, the interruptions in obstetric services in Bas-Saint-Laurent and the difficulty in Abitibi-Témiscamingue in attracting specialist doctors. /p>

What that tells me is that there are people who perhaps are not doing their job well in government, adds the former elected official from Rouyn-Noranda – Témiscamingue.

Concretely, she wants the caucus deputies to forge links with local stakeholders and monitor the issues that are the subject of debates in these regions, where Québec solidaire was unable to break through in the last elections.

The regional tour they undertook last fall must also end at the end of April. The results of this exercise will be presented to the National Council of Québec solidaire, which will be held in Jonquière from May 24 to 26.

As announced by the party in December, QS's female co-spokesperson will pocket an annual salary of $82,000, which is significantly less than what her male counterpart earns. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois receives compensation of $177,884 as parliamentary leader of the second opposition group in the National Assembly.

Gabriel has tasks that I do not assume, explains Émilise Lessard-Therrien, who is not elected. For example, I am not in charge of his county office.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois had a salary voted for him by CAQ deputies who were eager for more. That needs to be taken into consideration, she adds. Me, I'm not at all unhappy with the salary I have, and from now on, I just can't wait to get to work.

As an extra-parliamentary spokesperson, she plans to be at the National Assembly two or three weeks per month between now and June and spend the rest of her time in the field.

We're starting on new bases in pre-2026 mode.

A quote from Émilise Lessard-Therrien, co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire

Access to public services, health and education, #x27;housing, the rise in the cost of living and the environment will be among the priorities of Québec solidaire during the next session.

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