Emergency due to winter wave in Piojó, Atlántico: Government will relocate the cemetery and the families who lost their homes

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The National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (Ungrd) reported that 146 families were affected after the landslide that occurred in the zone last weekend

Emergency due to winter wave in Piojó, Atlño: Government will relocate the cemetery and the families who lost their homes

Through a donation , the Government of the Atlantic delivered the first aid to the people affected by the winter wave in Piojó. Photo: Gobernación del Atlántico

In order to prevent From a natural disaster emergency to a health emergency in the municipality of Piojó, in Atlántico, the national government announced that the houses and the cemetery affected by a geological fault will be relocated last weekend.

During the tour carried out by the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez, the director of the National Unit for Risk Management of Disasters (Ungrd), Javier Pavaand the director of Social Prosperity, Cielo Rusinque, for the area affected by a landslide in the municipality, announced that, in total, 86 ​​homes were affected. p>

“Sadly and unfortunately the cemetery has to be moved, on the other hand in the census that was made of houses there are 86 that have to be relocated, 146 families leave these houses, resorting to the right to housing the intention is that those 146 families launch the resettlement program, for that we are going to build a common agenda with the mayor's office and the governor's office, indicated Pava.

Then, the Minister of Labor stressed that, given the panorama, the interest of the national government is to avoid the loss of human lives due to the winter wave that, to date, has already claimed the lives of 266 people.

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“You have to put life first and think of a relocation so that in the future we can save lives”, stated the head of the Labor portfolio.

Meanwhile, the director of the Ungrd pointed out that for now it is important to prioritize the delivery of humanitarian aid to the families that have been affecteddue to the rainy season in the municipality of Piojó.

Image of the first aid sent to the municipality of Piojó, affected by the rains that have occurred in these first weeks of November 2022. Photo: Gobernación del Atlántico

“At this moment The priority is humanitarian assistance, the delivery of aid and thinking about the issue of recovery that allows us to technically evaluate what is the best solution for Piojó (…) President Petro announced uA sum of $2.2 billion in aid for the winter emergency for the country, but these are directed in four lines of intervention. Here we have not talked about allocation of resources by department, but by lines of intervention”, indicated Pava.

The official explained that the “line of intervention” to which Currently, the largest financial resources are assigned to it are humanitarian aid to “attend highly vulnerable populations”.

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“That means that they will be expands the PAE in areas of public calamity, aid for mothers who are heads of households, general response services, health, housing and water, among others”, reported the director of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management.

The Secretary General of the Governor's Office for Atlántico, Raúl Lacouture, for his part, announced Caracol Radio that they have started delivering 146 subsidies to the 146 families who lost their homes in Piojó, while their relocation is being carried out.

Meanwhile, Lacouture said to the same means that the objective of the Government of the Atlantic will be to provide temporary shelter to the affected families, “while with the National Government we seek a definitive solution to the problems caused by the loss of their homes”.