Embassy of the United States issues warning for procedures in 2023

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A US diplomatic corps official in Colombia recommended against using third parties to schedule a visa appointment

Embassy of The United States issues a warning for procedures in 2023

through social networks, an official from the United States Embassy in Colombia sent a message warning that it is not recommended or endorsed that third parties intercede in the advancement of appointments to apply for the US visa. Colprensa

With the beginning of the year, paperwork and bureaucratic procedures become a constant. Issuing documents and certifications, data updates and renewals are the order of the day for many citizens, who take advantage of the first weeks of January to get out of all those cumbersome 'laps'. One of the procedures that brings out the most gray hairs for Colombians is the issuance or renewal of the United States visa.

United States Embassy issues warning for procedures in 2023

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It is for This is why, through social networks, an official from the United States Embassy in Colombia sent a message warning that it is not recommended or endorsed that third parties intercede in advancing appointments for apply for a US visa.

“The Embassy does not recommend or endorse third parties or companies that make appointments. If the information is incorrect, or there is fraud in the process, resorting to a third party may lead to the denial of your visa. And, between us, who better than you to carry out your own process,” said the official from the United States Embassy in Colombia, who identified himself as Matthew in the video posted on Twitter.

What is recommended from the North American Embassy is that citizens who are interested in migrating or going on vacation to the United States, do the process personally.

United States Embassy issues warning for procedures in 2023

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The Embassy also clarified that “the cost of the B1/B2 tourist visa is USD160 and you DO NOT have to pay additionally for the appointment”. A channel was also enabled on your website, through the Contact Us button.

The video can be seen below:

It is important to note that, given how delayed it has become to schedule an appointment for renew the American visa, from the embassy of that country it was announced on November 4 that an agenda was opened for the following weeks.

United States Embassy issues warning for procedures in 2023

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The diplomatic team made the announcement through their official Instagram account: “We have been working hard to reduce the wait for visas! Appointments are currently available in the coming weeks for people who are ENDING their B1/B2 visa. If you already have an appointment scheduled, you can go to the page to find a closer one”, says the brief statement.

It is important to remember that the B1 visa is the one that allows you to travel to business meetings or professional conferences, while the B2 visa is the one that allows you to enter the United States to take vacations, visit relatives, receive medical treatment, or attend events such as concerts. or classes. Both have a duration of ten years; once that time has elapsed, it is necessary to complete the renewal process.

Likewise, on November 16 it was announced that the waiting times for appointments for visa exemption interviews will be have been reduced from two years to two months.

“The 2-year wait has been reduced to 2 months. Our Consular team has worked hard to reduce wait times for visa interview waiver appointments. The Undersecretary of State for Consular Affairs Rena Bitter visited us and thanked us for their efforts”, published the United States embassy in Bogotá through its Twitter account.

In the publication, attached a video in which the members of the consular team appear next to Brendan O'Brien, the Minister Counselor and the Undersecretary of States for Consular Affairs, Rena Bitter.< /p>

“I'm here with Counsel Brendan O'Brien and members of our incredible consular team in Bogotá, who have been working tirelessly on the global challenge we face at our office regarding wait times for visa interviews,” said Bitter, who added that from her office they are “very proud of the work that our team has done, and I am very excited to be here to thank them, bringing colleagues from other missions to support them in their efforts.”

Then, O'Brien takes the floor to talk about relations between the two countries and the importance of visas:

“Visas are a vital part of bilateral relations, and this team is working to reduce the delay. We used to wait two years for a visa waiver interview, now it's less than two months. On behalf of our consular section, I want to welcome the Under Secretary of State for Consular Affairs to this wonderful team.”

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