Elon Musk wants replacements to lead Twitter and Tesla

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Elon Musk does not want to be the CEO of any company. He would have already found a successor to lead Tesla.

Elon Musk wants replacements to lead Twitter and Tesla

In addition to handling Twitter's restructuring, and to lead Tesla, the American multi-billionaire must also ensure his defense before American justice. Indeed, as mentioned in a previous article, a lawsuit is currently underway concerning the remuneration of the boss of Tesla, following a legal action brought by one of the shareholders.

In any case, this case (as is often the case) allows for some revelations. For example, recently we learned that Elon Musk already has a person in mind for his succession at the head of Tesla.

According to CNBC, before the judge, Musk said he does not want to be the CEO of any company. Citing the example of one of his companies, SpaceX, he explained that he is mainly responsible for the technical part, within it.

“So the CEO is often seen as a somewhat business-oriented role, but in reality my role is much more that of an engineer developing technology and ensuring that we develop breakthrough technologies and that we have an incredible team of engineers who can achieve these goals”, he also said.

Who is going to lead Tesla?

Knowing that Elon Musk could therefore cede his positions as CEO, entrust the reins of Tesla to someone else, it is logical to wonder who could become the new boss of the car manufacturer.

And precisely, Elon Musk would already have a name in mind. According to a Reuters report, during the trial, Tesla board member James Murdoch revealed that Musk already identified a potential successor a few months ago. The article also reveals that the idea would be to place this person at the head of the company as “administrative CEO”.

He would be in charge of sales, finance and human resources , while Elon Musk could focus on products.

It should be noted that the identity of the potential successor to Elon Musk, as CEO of Tesla, has not been revealed. But in its article, the Elektrek media mentions names (this is pure speculation).

Relaying rumours, the site explains that in the past, Musk would have already proposed to Herbert Diess to occupy the position of CEO of Tesla, before he became the boss of Volkswagen. This year, Diess announced his departure from that role at the German automaker.

Others cited by Elektrek include Zach Kirkhorn, Tesla's current chief financial officer.

< h2>What about Twitter?

As for Twitter, Musk assured that the current situation is tentative. During the trial, he explained that in the long term, he will reduce the time he spends at Twitter and find someone to run the social network.

In any case, it will not be Jack Dorsey, founder and former CEO of the social network. Responding to a question on Twitter, he indicated that he would not accept the position of CEO of Twitter if it was offered to him.

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