Elon Musk has officially approved the new Twitter logo

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Ilon Musk officially approved the new Twitter logo

Illustrative photo from open sources

Yesterday, July 24, the official account of the Twitter company in the social network of the same name was renamed. Musk wrote about this on Twitter.

The intermediate X logo will appear later.

The company logo with a blue bird was also replaced – now there is a white letter X on a black background. CEO of Twitter Elon Musk also showed on his page a photo of the company's headquarters with a projection of the new logo.

Recall that billionaire Musk previously stated that the X.com domain will now automatically redirect users to the Twitter social network. In June, he noted that the logo would replace the bird with an X.

According to Twitter CEO Linda Jaccarino, Twitter fans and critics have for years "pushed Twitter to dream bigger, innovate faster, and realize our great potential.

X – is a future mode of unlimited interactivity centered on audio, video, messaging, payments/banking, creating a global marketplace of ideas, goods, services and opportunities. Thanks to artificial intelligence, X will bring us all together in a way we are only beginning to imagine.

Later, she unveiled an updated logo.

BAGNET reminds that Twitter has closed access to content to users without an account.

Prepared by Serhiy Daga