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Elliot Page: the creator of Umbrella Academy behind transphobic remarks

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

The creator of Umbrella Academy is targeted. by a complaint for“toxic, intimidating, manipulative and retaliatory behavior” by several employees of the Netflix series. He also allegedly made homophobic and transphobic remarks to others. against star Elliot Page, who made his transition earlier.

Elliot Page: the creator of Umbrella Academy behind transphobic comments

the creator of Umbrella academy accused of of “toxic and brutal behavior”

The conclusion of Umbrella Academy is approaching big steps. On August 8, the series will conclude the adventures of the Hargreeves family. Last May,Netflix unveiled the first trailerfull of emotion of its season 4, which remember, will be shorter with 6 small episodes on the clock. almost a month before the release of the final season, the series is being talked about for a completely different reason. According to the magazineRolling Stones,12 writers and members of the production accuse the creator of the program, Steve Blackman, of maintaining a behavior“toxic, intimidating, manipulative and retaliatory”, in a complaint filed with human resources in January 2023.

Elliot Page: the creator of Umbrella Academy behind transphobic comments

The magazine the origin of the investigation published an article highlighting said complaint. We can read that the members – who wish to remain anonymous – accuse Steve Blackman of having created a “Deleterious work environment by pitting employees against each other, an atmosphere of fear and mistrust where “he takes credit for the work of others and makes lewd remarks that some sources have deemed sexist, homophobic and transphobic.” Jesse McKeown, co-showrunner of season 4 who therefore worked with Steve Blackman on the writing of this last chapter, confirms certain accusations.

transphobic remarks directly addressed to Elliot Page

On the other hand, we learn that the showrunner would have made a habit of dismissing employees who contradicted his ideas, citing false financial problems or decisions taken by the studio to justify their dismissal. He would have for example dismissalé a duo of female screenwriters after one of the two has given birth.

Elliot Page: the creator of Umbrella Academy behind transphobic remarks

Transphobic remarks that would be addressed to actor Elliott Page, star of the program. As a reminder, he who came out as transgender during the third season, and his character, Viktor Hargreeves, also follows the same path in the series. HR in the complaint in January 2023, Blackman reportedly wrote: “Elliot wants to come out as trans on the show. As Ivan. Oh my God, fuck. Kill me now.»

For his part, the main interested party refuted via his representatives: “For six years and four seasons, Steve Blackman supervised the thousands of crew members, actors and writers, and has made 'The Umbrella Academy' a much-loved series, with devoted fans. s, exciting stories and a dedicated team who made it all possible. These allegations from a handful of disgruntled employees are completely false and outrageous, and in no way reflect the collaborative, respectful and successful work environment that Mr. Blackman provides. cultivated.»

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