Elite season 4: Danna Paola (Lu) explains the reasons for his departure

Elite season 4: Danna Paola (Lu) explains the reasons for his departure

Elite season 4: Danna Paola (Lu) explains the reasons for his departure We understood it when we saw the end of season 3 and it was then confirmed: five Elite actors will not be present in season 4. Alvaro Rico (Polo), Ester Exposito (Carla), Jorge Lopez (Valerio), Mina El Hammani (Nadia) and Danna Paola (Lu) have left the series and will be replaced by new actors. A decision which would not come only from the production, at least as regards the interpreter of Lucrecia.

Following the confirmation of the departure of Danna Paola, many rumors have circulated about the reasons for the departure of the actress at the end of season 3 of Elite. Some media have even suggested that the interpreter of Lu would have been fired because of her behavior or that she would have decided not to return because of the evolution of this character that she did not like.

The reasons for Danna Paola's departure

In a Q&A session with her fans on TikTok, the Mexican star (finally) explained her choice to quit the Spanish series from Netflix. ” I miss my friends a lot, ” Danna Paola first confided. ” I made the decision not to be in the fourth season to devote myself 100% to music this year. For me, it was one or the other because I am a perfectionist and dedicated ” explains the star. 25 years old. In Mexico, Danna Paola made a name for herself when she was 4 years old and has chained both roles and albums: she has already released 5, the latest of which, Sie7e +, a reissue of her second EP, was released last February.

Unlike Ester Exposito, who will soon be returning to the Netflix series Someone Must Die, Danna Paola will take a break from her acting career. ” Right now, I'm not going to play, I'm going to devote myself to music. Music requires being fully 24/7 while a shoot, you have a calendar, schedules (…) Music is everyday, every day I produce, I compose, I plan “confided Danna Paola.

Elite production has already announced the names of the replacements for actors who have left the series and filming continues in Spain after being interrupted following a case of coronavirus. Elite season 4 should be available in 2021 on the platform.

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