Elisabeth Borne will indeed be present at Gérald Darmanin's back-to-school meeting in Tourcoing

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government Some already see him as a future candidate for the 2027 presidential election. On Sunday, the Minister of the Interior intends to demonstrate the extent of his support with the arrival of parliamentarians and ministers

Élisabeth Borne will indeed be present at Gérald Darmanin's back-to-school meeting in Tourcoing

Reassure – you, the minister, invited him. — Gonzalo Fuentes/AP/SIPA

More support. And not least. Élisabeth Borne will take part this Sunday in the political return meeting of the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, in Paris. Tourcoing (Nord), indicated Saturday the entourage of the Prime Minister. The presence of the patron saint of the government at this event, which should reflect the ambitions of Gérald Darmanin for the 2027 presidential election, has long been discussed. uncertain. But no, “she’ll go there,” confirms those around her.

Gérald Darmanin took the entire political class by surprise by posting in early August his interest in the next presidential election, four years of voting. Former LR, the minister can notably count on the precious support of former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Very happy to have him here. Tourcoing”

“2027 is a long way off,” Wednesday Élisabeth Borne, recalling that her objective was to have a government at work. Sunday, at; Tourcoing, Géald Darmanin intends to demonstrate the extent of his support. Three themes must be addressed: work, ecology and safety.

Géald Darmanin proposed; to the head of government to conclude the debates and “he is very happy to welcome her to the conference. Tourcoing”, said the minister’s entourage. “For the record, he had of course warned her of the event in July” and “he sees this as a sign of acknowledgment of the debate of ideas he has started,” it was added.

“  Of course I invited him,” Friday Gérald Darmanin himself to cut short any speculation about the presence of the Prime Minister and the quality of the of their relationships.

Olivier Dussopt also present

The Minister awaits the come to Tourcoing of “one hundred parliamentarians”. From the majority, including Laurent Marcangeli, the boss of the deputies Horizons, the party of douard Philippe, but also some elected Les Républicains. Even of the centrist group Liot, which deposited motions of censure against the government, but which the minister intends to pamper by going to; his parliamentary days in early September in Guadeloupe. A dozen members of the government should also make the trip, including the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt.