Elgato Wave 3, the microphone for aspiring elRubius

Elgato Wave 3, the microphone for aspiring elRubius

The Wave 3 is one of the best USB microphones on the market for price, performance and design, its only downside being that it has a single way of capturing sound

Elgato Wave 3, the microphone for aspiring elRubius

The world of microphones for streaming video games is dominated by two brands: Blue, with its Yeti, which has been captivating newcomers for years; and Bose, with a wide variety of professional microphones that aren't meant for streaming, but that record awesome.

In this context, it is difficult to stand out because it seems that all the fish is sold, but the Wave 3 could well be a perfect microphone for those who do not want to spend a fortune on a professional mic but want something with more impact than a Yeti.

Elgato is a company widely known for its video capturers, aimed at players who want to stream online or who simply need to record their games and then edit videos. They are a true benchmark in this sense, but in recent years, they have played other styles, always linked to the streamer world.

It has the Decks, little keyboards dedicated to quick actions while you're in the money; they have an easy-to-mount led lighting system on a desk; and they also have a mounting system that is sold separately for video cameras or for holding microphones. The Wave 3 is the last step out of the pot, and it has been a success.

The Wave: 3 costs 160 euros, a figure that drops to 130 euros in the Wave: 1, the model with the worst features that Elgato has announced at the same time. But for that difference, without a doubt, the Wave: 3 is the most recommended.

Elgato Wave 3, the microphone for aspiring elRubius

The design of both is similar, something half-changed between a radio announcer microphone in the 70s and a gamer team of the year 2020. It has a single button, at the top, to mute the recording and then it has a wheel to measure the gain of the microphone, so that you can fine tune how far you have it from the ambient noise it records.

Personally, I have always used it with three points out of the maximum of six and the result was fantastic: a clear voice, little background noise infiltrated and, since it is a cardioid microphone, which only records in front and not behind, you can Use in conjunction with a controller or keyboard as long as you hold the mic close to your mouth. Yes, the 'anti-pop' filter, official or unofficial, is important.

Elgato Wave 3, the microphone for aspiring elRubius

Elgato sells a special support and grip for the Wave: 3 if you decide to put it on an articulated arm, something highly recommended since any vibration of the table will be heard in the recording if you use the foot support that comes by default. There are very cheap arms on Amazon (mine is 15 euros) that work very well.

That the Wave: 3 is a cardioid microphone can put back those who want something more versatile and that it is worth for, for example, an interview with another person; but do not lose sight that this is a microphone for streamers. And that's why it is not only cardioid but also condenser type, that is, more sensitive to voices than instruments or other sounds.

Elgato Wave 3, the microphone for aspiring elRubius

This is where the user interested in a new microphone should stop to see if the Wave: 3 will do well or not. Are you going to stream video games? Ahead. Are you going to do music recording? Don't even think about using this.

Everything in Wave: 3 is designed to record your voice well while playing the console or computer, including its software. Elgato usually makes very useful programs that work very well with each other, and the Wave Link program that allows you to have up to 8 sound inputs (microphones, games, voice chats, etc.) in a single application is intuitive and, most importantly, it is fully compatible with OBS, the most popular streaming program in recent years. He admits it as a sign and voila.

I'm sure those with a Yeti see no reason to upgrade to a Wave: 3, but as a long-time user of this mic, I've grown weary of its sound and how heavy it is, to the point of using it with an arm was sometimes a problem. The Wave: 3 seems superior to me without being much more expensive and within what a USB microphone will offer.

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