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Eleven dead in Russian strike in Pokrovsk in Ukraine | War in Ukraine

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This is not the first time that Pokrovsk, in eastern Ukraine, has been the target of Russian attacks.

Agence France-Presse

At least eleven people, including five children, were killed on Saturday in a Russian strike on and around the town of Pokrovsk in eastern Ukraine, marking a new attack murderer in the midst of escalating bombings.

Strikes with particularly heavy tolls have multiplied since the end of December in Ukraine and Russia, a sign of an increase in violence while the conflict has lasted for two years with a generally frozen front.

The Russians struck the region with S-300 missiles, killing eleven people and injuring eight others, mainly in Pokrovsk and Rivne, Governor Vadim Filashkin said on Telegram from the Donetsk region.

He released photographs showing rescuers working around debris. According to him, the strike damaged six houses in Pokrovsk and a house in Rivne, in which there was a family of six.

According to the services of rescue, six people, including two children, could be under the rubble of two affected buildings.

War in Ukraine

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War in Ukraine

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The Russians simply hit ordinary residential buildings, private houses, denounced the President Volodymyr Zelensky, assuring that no Russian strike will remain without consequences.

The town of Pokrovsk, which had 60,000 inhabitants before the war and which is located around fifty kilometers from the front, had already been hit by a deadly bombing in August 2023, which left nine dead and 82 injured.

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Attacks also took place in Pokrovsk in August 2023 and caused several victims. (File photo)

Elsewhere in Ukraine, an adult and two children were injured in shelling in the Kherson region in the south, one person died in Toretsk, near Bakhmut, and another was killed and two injured in Nikopol, in the south. #x27;is, according to the respective regional authorities.

In the territories occupied by Russia, two people were killed by Ukrainian shelling on Makiïvka and Gorlivka in an attack which also left several injured, local authorities installed by Moscow said.

Russia also claimed to have shot down four Ukrainian missiles targeting Crimea, a peninsula annexed in 2014 and regularly targeted by strikes by kyiv forces. It also said it had destroyed six Ukrainian naval Neptune missiles over the Black Sea.

For its part, the Ukrainian army claimed having struck the Saki air base in western Crimea, this peninsula being a vital nerve for the logistics of Russian forces in Ukraine.

Strikes have increased on both sides in recent days, with Russia having notably massively bombed Ukrainian cities twice, on December 29, 2023 ( 55 deaths) and January 2, 2024 (six deaths).

Ukraine, for its part, has repeatedly targeted the Russian town of Belgorod, 50 km from the border, notably during an unprecedented attack last Saturday, which left 25 dead.

These attacks also left hundreds injured.

In Belgorod, facing the risk Ukrainian bombings, the authorities canceled the nighttime celebration of Orthodox Christmas after having already extended the school holidays until January 19 and suggested that residents of this city of 300,000 inhabitants evacuate.

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Firefighters put out burning cars after a bombing in Belgorod, Russia. (Archive photo)

These unprecedented measures for a large city in Russia are a blow to the ambitions of the Kremlin, which has always strived to give the image according to which the conflict does not directly affect the daily lives and security of Russians.

Another thorn in the side of the authorities, women of Russians mobilized to fight in Ukraine in September 2022 on the orders of Vladimir Putin carried out a symbolic action of protest at the foot of the walls of the Kremlin on Saturday by placing flowers on the flame of the unknown soldier.

Indeed, anger is brewing despite the fear among the companions of those mobilized who are demanding their return from the front, a sensitive subject for the Kremlin, which is x27;has so far refrained from repressing this nascent movement, as it does for any other challenge to its policies.

J&#x27 I feel like we are bothering them. But no one will stay silent. We will go out every day, every Saturday, we will lay flowers to draw attention to their situation, Paulina, mother of a one-year-old child, explained to AFP. /p>

At some point, it will be impossible to ignore us, she added, saying she wanted to find [her] husband, the father of [ s]her child.

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