Elena Malysheva named twin diseases COVID-19

Elena Malysheva named twin diseases COVID-19

Elena Malysheva on the air of the program “Life is great!” talked about the symptoms of diseases similar to coronavirus. The TV presenter named the twin diseases COVID-19, which can be confused with a dangerous ailment.

Elena Malysheva called the twin diseases COVID-19

Image via: instagram @ malysheva.live
At the moment, the coronavirus epidemic is still a threat. In addition, it has come very much, and during this period the SARS season begins. The symptoms of flu and colds may overlap. For example, as with COVID-19, a person has a cough and runny nose. Separately, Elena Malysheva emphasized that such a symptom as a loss of smell is not excluded. It is he who is considered the main symptom of a new disease. It is also typical for allergies. There may be a temperature with a coronavirus infection and flu, but for the last ailment, high rates are characteristic, reaching 39 degrees, and in those infected with COVID-19 it usually keeps within 37 degrees. Nevertheless, many consider this figure high and declare the difficulties experienced, but if it was a question of colds, people would not go to work.

To distinguish one disease from another, a person must remember that with the flu, muscle aches are felt, and during allergies, the eyes turn red. At the end of the release, the doctor recommended not to think about the symptoms, but to make a vaccine in order to protect herself and not worry anymore.

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