Elementary: Pixar unveils a stunning new trailer

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Elementary: Pixar unveils stunning new trailer

“Her name is Flam. His name is Flack”. Here is Disney/Pixar's promise about their new movie, Elementary. Available from June 21, this feature film tells the story of two opposing natural elements, water and fire, who fall in love with each other. A Romeo & Juliet of modern times with a much more… abstract dimension. But in line with Vice-Versa, Soul or Finding Dory, Elementary is also eagerly awaited by fans. Notably thanks to its romantic aspect but also its colorful and realistic images.

It remains to be seen what this new Disney/Pixar movie is worth… And to get a first look at it, Pixarjust released a new trailer. And we can say it, it takes our breath away! Romances, color shots, thrilling plots, catchy music and endearing characters… Everything is there to make us want to watch this animation which is likely to make sparks. A real melting pot of all these natural elements that cohabit in an active and lively metropolis, as we know them well. Without counting on two new heroes who will probably be part of the long list of emblematic protagonists of Disney/Pixar. We don't know about you, but at melty we can't wait!

Elementary: the fans are already won over!

It took little time for Internet users to express their first opinion. And we can say it, they are already conquered by Elementary! In particular, we can read on social networks: “It’s like an explosion of color in each shot! , “Pixar is really strong in terms of animation and visuals”. Or: “Really well done Pixar”, “I can't wait to see the result”, “I'm really very excited for this movie”. In other words, an explosion of positive comments that suggest new success for the Disney/Pixar giant. One more… Either way, we'll have to wait until June 21 to find out!