Elehuris Montero decides with an unstoppable victory for the Stars over El Escogido in 12 innings

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  • Elehuris Montero decides with unstoppable the victory of the Stars over the Chosen in 12 innings

    Elehuris Montero watches the direction of the ball after firing a double in the ninth inning.

Elehuris Montero connected with the ball. This Friday an unstoppable hit to the central garden for the Stars to leave the Leones del Escogido on the field in 12 innings in a game held at the Tetelo Vargas Stadium in this city, corresponding to the autumn-winter baseball tournament 2022-2023.

The victory allowed him to He helped the green ensign team stop a six-game losing streak and thus win. He will continue in the fourth position of the championship that is currently taking place. Dedicated to the memory of Mr. Tomás Troncoso Cuesta as an option for the Banreservas Cup.

With the match without races for both teams and that lasted almost 10 minutes. After three hours and 57 minutes, the green troop arrived. George Valera was transferred to the bottom of inning number 12 with the so-called ghost runner, in this case Rainer Núñez, along with Junior Lake to load the bases and incidentally set the stage for Montero, who shot ; the game-winning hit.

On his previous turn, Montero hit the ball. an unstoppable hit by the inside fence of the left meadow, which was declared double after the referees requested the play from the review center.

Román Mendez (1-0) joined the match. the victory, while Aneurys Zabala (0-2) charged the victory. with defeat.

Las Estrellas had not won a win since Wednesday the second of this month when they defeated the Leones 5-4 precisely at the Estadio Quisqueya Juan Marichal.

< p style="text-align:justify">It was the fifth victory for the greens at home, while the particular series between the two teams favors the representative of San Pedro 4-1.

Por las Estrellas opened the door. Phillips Valdez, who pitched five four-hit, one-walk, four-strikeout innings against 20 batters he faced. He was followed by Domingo Robles (3.0), Ronel Blanco (1.0), Dayeison Arias (1.0), Raffi Vizcaíno (0.2), Jakob Hernández (0.1) and Méndez (1.0)

Meanwhile, for the Leones Humberto Mejía was on the mound for seven innings in which he allowed 1-2 pitches. He hit three hits and fanned out. eight of the 23 measured. Enoli Paredes (1.0), Rhiner Cruz (1.0), Pedro Strop (1.0), Jesús Liranzo (1.0) and Zabala (0.0) continued.



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