Electric vehicles could produce drinking water from thin air

Electric vehicles could produce drinking water from thin air

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 Electric vehicles will be able to produce drinking water from the air

New electric vehicle maker Mullen Automotive has signed a partnership with Israeli startup Watergen to develop and equip Mullen electric vehicles with the ability to produce fresh drinking water from thin air.

The growing popularity of electric vehicles has led to the emergence of a new wave of electric vehicle manufacturers, signaling the end of the era of dominance of the old automotive giants. New brands have begun to emerge, each with their own nifty tricks that they hope will give them an edge in the growing market for electric vehicles.

Mullen still hasn't had a kick, and CEO David Micheri has hinted that the feature, which is scheduled for initial testing in the first quarter of 2023, could help their cars stand out from the crowd.

“Mullen will be the first automotive company to launch and implement Watergen for all of our electric vehicles,” — he said, emphasizing that Mullen is proud to partner with Watergen on this revolutionary technology.

Watergen is an Israeli company that manufactures technology and equipment to produce atmospheric water found in normal air.

As a result of a partnership with Mullen, Watergen technology will allow cars to generate fresh hot and cold drinking water for passengers. will provide up to five liters of drinking water daily directly from the air while the vehicle is in motion.

By incorporating its technology into Mullen's vehicles, Watergen hopes to reach a wider audience of potential users. The company hopes to achieve its main goal — Eliminate drinking water shortages anywhere, anytime, and eliminate carbon-intensive supply chains and environmentally harmful plastic waste.

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