EL TIEMPO spoke with the director of the competition. 

Egan Bernal is in Spain. He is holding a training camp in Andorra, along with some teammates from the Ineos team.< /p>

The Colombian cyclist continues his recovery in the old continent, after the serious accident that almost cost him his life on January 24, when crashed into a bus.

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< br>Bernal advances his training in that part of Spanish territory and awaits his future. Much has been speculated about the option of returning to the road soon.

Media warn that it is very possible that he will be part of his squad in the next Vuelta a Burgos, which will start the August 2.

Bernal himself, a few weeks ago, declared that he wanted to return to competitions soon and stated that perhaps it would be in the Italian classics in October.

However, the Burgos issue remains latent. A few days ago he uploaded a photo on his social networks in which he said he was ready for the return, with a photo of his cycle computer in which the values ​​he handled in training were recorded.

” And after a lot of work and patience, I can't wait to compete again”, he wrote on that occasion.

What do they say in Burgos?

EL TIEMPO consulted with the organization of the Vuelta a Burgos. He spoke with Marcos Moral, its director, who referred to the issue.

“The media say that Bernal will run, but here we don't have any confirmation”, said the director.

And he added: “It would be a pleasure for us if he came back, but as I told you, Ineos has not passed the list and we do not officially know if he is going to run or not”.< /b>

Moral pointed out that we would have to wait a few days and that most of the teams have not notified the riders that they will compete in the race.

“Those of the World Tour have just passed the Tour, they are analyzing each step, that is why the payrolls have not been known”, he concluded.

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