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3q ly El Logrono squeezes Barca - The Times Hub

El Logrono squeezes Barca

El Logrono squeezes Barca

The pivot of Logroño Tomás Moreira, in an action against Barcelona.JuanJo Martín / EFE

Ademar León-Bidasoa (16.30) and Granollers-Barcelona (19.00, both broadcast by LaLiga Sports and regional) will be the semifinals of the Copa del Rey handball . The quarterfinal day ended with no surprises for the winners. Perhaps the biggest intrigue, due to the unexpected, occurred in the game that was least expected, the last between Logroño and Barcelona. The Catalans accustomed to crushing rivals in the Asobal universe (they have not lost a national title since the 2013 Cup), Xavi Pascual's pupils had to row until the end to defeat the Rioja (28-24). The low score gave options to Miguel Ángel Velasco's players, who reached the last minutes a stone's throw from the reigning champions. With sobriety and without falling into hysterics, Barcelona, riding a great Aleix Gómez (nine goals), took the duel forward.

Barça, 28 – Logroño, 24

Barcelona : Gonzalo Pérez, Kevin Moller; Raúl Entrerríos (1), Cedric Sorahindo, Jure Dolenec, Jordi González, Aitor Ariño (1), Blaz Janc (3), Aleix Gómez (9), Thiago Petrus, Dika Mem (2), Luka Cindric (5), Álex Pascual (2), Aron Pálmarsson, Haniel Langaro (1), Ludovic Fábregas (4), Luis Frade.

Logroño : Jorge Pérez, Rangel Luan Da Rosa; Miguel Sánchez-Migallón (1), Delcio Pina (6), Mario Dorado (2), Erik Balenciaga (2), Agustín Casado (3), Antonio Serradilla (1), Ernesto Goñi, Tomás Moreira (6), Edurado Ortíz ( 1), Eduardo Cadarso (1), David Cadarso (1), Rundolph Hackbarth.

Score every five minutes: 1: 1; 5: 2; 8: 5; 10: 7; 13: 8; 14:11; 15:12; 16:14; 18:16; 20:18; 24:20; 28: 14.

Referees : Raluy and Sabroso. Fabregas was excluded for two minutes for Barça; and Hackbarth for BM Logroño La Rioja

Veteran Antonio García submits Puente Genil (24-29)

Granollers knew how to correct the errors of the defeat of a couple of weeks ago on the Puente Genil track and with a great defense in the second half he knew how to turn the scoreboard and put the rival attack in trouble. Antonio García, named best player of the match, was a real headache for the Andalusians and the highest standard of victory for Antonio Rama's team.

After a first half that closed with a minimal Andalusian advantage (14-13) , the Catalans tightened the nuts in defense at the turn of the locker room and stretched on the scoreboard. With defense, Guàrdia in goal and Antonio García in the lead, Granollers took the game and short-circuited Puente Genil, who ran out of options in the last five minutes.

Puente Genil, 24 – Granollers, 29

Puente Genil : Álvaro de Hita, Admir Ahmetasevic; Alan Márcio Da Silva, José Cuenca, Juan Castro (4), Joao Pedro Da Silva (3), Jesús Melgar, Antonio Pineda, Javier García (5), Xavi Túa (4), Mihajlo Mitic (4), Manuel Díaz (2 ), Vicente M. Poveda (1), Anderson Mollino, Álvaro Muñoz, David Estepa (1)

Granollers : Marc Guardia, Pol Amores; Víctor de Sande, Jan Gurri, Edgar Pérez (1), Borja Lancina (2), Marc García, José María Márquez (6), Pol Valera (2), Alejandro Márquez (2), Estebán Salinas (3), Adriá Martínez ( 3), Mamadou Gassama (2), Oriol Rey (2), Antonio García (6)

Score every five minutes: 2: 3; 4: 4; 7: 7; 8:10; 11:12; 14:13; 16:16; 18:19; 20:21; 21:24; 22:26; 24:29

Referees : Andreu Marín and Ignacio García. Two minutes were excluded from Joao Pedro, Da Silva and Poveda, from Ángel Ximénez Puente Genil; and Rey (2), Valera and Álex Márquez, from Fraikin Granollers.

Aginagalde and Sierra support Bidasoa (27-28)

A stop by José Manuel Sierra nine seconds from the end allowed Bidasoa to certify their qualification for the semifinals. If the veteran goalkeeper was fundamental in the last action, the other great protagonist was another illustrious veteran, the pivot Julen Aginagalde , top scorer with nine goals.

The Basque team came out in shape (3-6) and had command of the match almost always, although without excessive margin with a Benidorm who made the rubber and held on to the duel with his teeth. Bidasoa stood in the absence of five minutes three goals up (23-26), but precisely the exclusion of Aginagalde in the final section gave the Alicante people options, who had a launch from the end of Mario López to force the extension, avoided by José Manuel Sierra.

Benidorm, 27 – Bidasoa, 28

Benidorm : Leo Terçariol, Roberto Rodríguez; Gonzalo V. Porras (4); Ángel J. Rivero, Borja Méndez, Jaca Spiljak (3), José Oliver Hernández, Jules J. Lignieres, Emil L. Feuchtmann (1), James Lewis Parker (2), Carlos Grau, Mario López (8), Adrián Nolasco, Iván Rodriguez (2), Ivan Nikcevic, Josep Folqués (7)

Bidasoa : José Manuel Sierra, Xoan Ledo; Iñaki Cavero (1); Adrián Crowley (1), Dam-Emil Racotea (1), Mikel Zabala (1), Kauldi Odriozola (3), Julen Aguinagalde (9), Iker Serrano, Xoan Ledo, Rodrigo Salinas (5), Sergio de la Salud (2 ), Jon Azkue (5), Thomas Tesoriere, Matheus F. Da silva, Gorka Nieto and Nicolás Bonano

Score every five minutes : 3: 2; 4: 6; 8: 9; 9: 9; 11:12, 12-15, 14:17; 17:20; 19:22; 21:24; 23:26; 27:28

Referees : Bustamante and Álvarez Mata. They excluded Iván Rodríguez, Oliver and Grau for two minutes by the BM. Benidorm; and Bonanno, Tesoriere, Matheus Da Silva, Racotea and Aginagalde for Bidasoa Irún

Ademar does not give Huesca an option (40-28)

Scarred by the recent league defeat (27-24), Ademar León gave Bada no option Huesca, subdued from the start by the higher rhythm of Manolo Cadenas' boys. The pivot Iván Montoya, a torture three weeks ago (nine goals), this time stayed on a target. Quick legs in defense and lethal on the counter, Ademar quickly gained distance (19-12). The Aragonese made up at halftime (19-15), but the second demarraje had no response. Driven in the resumption by their goalkeeper Slavic, the Leonese took ten goals away (26-16) and there the duel ended.

Ademar León, 40 – Bada Huesca, 28

Ademar León : Slavic; Gonzalo Pérez Arce (7), Feuchtmann (3, 1p), Lucin (8, 1p), Semedo (4), Jaime Fernández (3) and Marchán (2) -starting team- Ghedbane (ps), Natan Suárez (3) , Martínez Camí (3), Donlin (2), Gostovic (-), Antonio Martínez (2, 1p), Piechkowski (-), Kisselev (-) and Casqueiro (3)

Bada Huesca : Espinha; Carmona (4), Joao Pinto (4), Benites (1), Gucek (1), Adrià Pérez (3) and Tioumentsev (1) -starting team- Argüillas (ps), Broto (ps), Montoya (1), Mosquera (2), Marcelo (3), Oier García (-), Sergio Pérez (5, 2p), Malo (1) and Asier Nieto (2)

Score every five minutes : 3-1, 6-5, 10- 8, 14-11, 17-12 and 19-15 (Rest) 24-16, 29-18, 31-22, 35-26, 38-28 and 40-28 (Final)

Referees : David Monjo and Miguel Soria . Ademar Leandro Semedo's player (m.39) was expelled by three exclusions. They also excluded Donlin for two minutes for Ademar; and Joao Pinto and Mosquera for Bada Huesca

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