Eileen Roca, former Miss Colombia, assured that her little daughter was subjected to witchcraft

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The former beauty queen took the opportunity to tell how she managed to free her daughter from the complications she was suffering from as a result of this situation

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Eileen Roca, former Miss Colombia, assured that her little daughter was subjected to witchcraft

The actress of 'Oye bonita' mentioned that not even the doctors were able to explain what was happening with her daughter | Photo: Instagram @eileenroca

Eileen RocaRecently, he surprised his large community of followers on social networks, after confessing that his daughter Valentina, just four years old, was the victim of witchcraft and other curses that were affecting the development of her daily life.

According to what was stated by Miss Colombia 2006 In a video shared on social networks, for four months the minor stated that she felt exhausted, desperate and with insomnia, and this became a very distressing situation for her parents, who found no solution in traditional medicine because the results of the tests they they did not present any alteration.

“After thinking about it a lot, I decided to make this video, because as you all know, I always share my good and bad moments, I like to be transparent and you know that I firmly believe that good always overcomes evil, because days ago I noticed that Valentina was very down and for you my followers it is no secret that my life, my family and my everything”, expressed the also actress.

Eileen Roca, former Miss Colombia, assured that they did witchcraft to her little daughter

What Roca could not explain is who would have been the person responsible for generating this curse on little Valentina | Photo: Instagram @eileenroca

It was then that Eileen Roca's mother, a doctor by profession, suggested that these conditions could be the product of an 'evil eye', a kind of of curse or witchcraft. Reason for which the family decided to take action on the matter, such as bathing Valentina with holy water.

“From the first day, my daughter slept well and it was wonderful. I asked God to forgive me and I prayed that she would keep my daughter. I began to say the Rosary to the Blood of Christ and pray with holy water,” the doctor confessed in the viral publication.

Similarly, the woman remembered for productions such as 'Hey pretty ' and 'El Joe' left a last message, through which he invited to live in peace.

“Okay, she was very down, you will see it in the video, and I ask everyone to analyze the situation that we are experiencing in the whole world and with our hands on our hearts, let us reflect on our thoughts and actions, remember that we must live in peace with everyone and everything that surrounds us”, he concluded.

What is the evil eye?, the condition that Eileen Roca's daughter would have suffered

When talking about the “evil eye” no one asks what it is about, because it seems that everyone understands the reference and it is because, since time immemorial, people have heard about this evil, the most common of the popular magical ideas

But is it true that there are people who look with good eyes and people who look with bad eyes? Are there people who can intentionally or even unintentionally cause damage with their gaze?

“Regarding energy, we often forget a great truth. The loving gaze makes everything it sees grow with its nourishing energy; in the same way, a malicious look could cause damage. Probably yes, or so most believe (…) it seems banal but it is a serious issue, at least that is how humanity understood it from the beginning. The idea is based on the power of the look, or rather, the energy emanating from the look, which can have clearly beneficial or evil intentions. That is why when someone receives a malicious look, carrying bad wishes, envy or jealousy, they can suffer from the evil eye”, says Monika Correia Nobre, meditation instructor and astrologer.