Eight years in prison for a British trans woman accused of raping other women while he was still a man

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Eight years in prison for a British trans woman accused of raping other women while he was still a man< /p>

Isla Bryson, a Scottish transgender woman, was found guilty in January of rape I met two women in 2016 and 2019 while I was still a mannamed Adam Graham. During the judicial process, time in which he in turn began the trial. After his transition, the prosecutors in the case stressed that the crimes had been committed by taking advantage of the victims, who were considered vulnerable.

At first, Bryson she was held in a women's prison in Scotland as she had already begun her transition process at that time. This fact caused a strong It was controversial given the charges she was accused of. This Tuesday, she was sentenced to eight years in jail by a Scottish court. The judge also highlighted the fact that the high probability of recidivism and decreed that the offense be closed. Three more years of supervised release after conviction.

During the judicial process, he affirmed that that she knew that she was a woman when she was four years old, but it wasn't until she was 29, two years ago, when she decided that she was a woman. take hormones and undergo surgery. A version that her ex-wife assured her. She said that it was a “farce” to deceive the authorities.

Open debate

The sentence has reopened a heated debate among those who believe that she should be locked up in a female prison and those who, on the contrary, consider it a danger for the rest of the inmates and should be locked up in a male prison.

Although she was initially incarcerated in a women's facility, she was later transferred to a men's prison. She was initially held at Cornton Vale Women's Prison in central Scotland before the Scottish Government confirmed that Bryson would serve her sentence in another capacity. arcel. Activists, politicians and a human rights expert from The United Nations had expressed concern for the safety of other prisoners.

“It is clear that she represents a particularly significant risk for any woman with whom I'm in a relationship,” said Mr. Judge Lord Scott handed down the prison sentence in Edinburgh High Court.

The controversy surrounding Bryson came just weeks after the Scottish Parliament passed a bill to facilitate legal sex change, which sparked controversy. This led to criticism from some women's rights advocates, who argued that predatory men could use it to gain access to single-sex spaces, such as bathrooms. Since then, the British government has stated that it will block the Internet. The legal change was made because it would have repercussions on equality issues in the rest of the country.