Efraín Valdez, the first immortal Giant of the Dominican Pavilion of Fame

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  • Efraín Valdez, the first immortal Giant of the Dominican Pavilion of Fame

    Efraín Valdez has been the last 60-game winner in fall-winter baseball.

Efraín Valdez has been the greatest starting pitcher  In the history of the Gigantes del Cibao team, he is also the first player to have worn the jersey of the national champions who will be & á; inducted into the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame.

Valdez, one of the most outstanding pitchers in our league, is only second to Guayubín Olivo among left-handers. Efraín is the LIDOM leader in starts (149), fourth in wins (60), sixth in innings pitched (893) and tenth in strikeouts (432). With the Giants he occupies the lead in wins (26), second in ERA (2.88) and innings pitched (316).

Just when the southpaw was thought to be finished, after two years without winning a game with the Tigers, the Bengals literally evicted him from reserves in 1996.

When the Giants acquired him  in the draw of players and le  they gave the ball in the first match in its history (October 25, 1996), it managed to win. the victory against the Eagles at the Cibao Stadium. His performance with the Colts was so important that he returned He played organized baseball and the Major Leagues in 1998 with the Arizona team.

The most interesting thing is to make a comparison of Valdez's records and the behavior of the Cibaeño team, in those first years the Cinderella of the LIDOM.


1996-97      (20-28)                          3-4  3.70

1997-98      (23-28)                          8-2  2.39

1998-99       (9-51)                          4-4  5.06

1999-00      (16-31)                          4-3  1.17

2000-01      (19-30)                          6-5  2.36

2001-02      (15-33)                          1-3  3.98

In the first six seasons the Giants and Chickens were basers in three campaigns, the other three occupied the penultimate position. The cibaeños recorded 102 wins with 201 losses (.333), while Efraín managed to win. 26 wins (25% of the team's total wins in those six years) and 21  failures  (10% of the total defeats). 

We duartians and northeasterners feel rejoiced that a person of the lineage and humility of Efraín Valdez is the first player in the history of Our franchise has been elevated to the Pavilion of the Immortals of our country.

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