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Effective vector: what modernized Ukrainian drones of the Krylo type are capable of

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

Effective vector: what modernized Ukrainian drones of the Krylo type are capable of

The Ukrainian Defense Forces have learned how to shoot down Russian Orlan-10 drones using a tool similar to an attack FPV drone of the Krylo type. Currently, this UAV is widely used by our military due to a number of its advantages, in particular, speed, flight duration, ease of control, multitasking, light weight, etc. Mykhailo Samus, director of the Center for Army Research, explained that these are the latest tools that have appeared in the Defense Forces. By the way, almost all drones for the Armed Forces are developed in Ukraine. In addition, the lion's share in this sector is occupied by private business.

Drones can perform anti-drone air defense tasks

In fact, drones can perform many functions. There are developments of both Western and Ukrainian special FPV drones that could perform the tasks of anti-drone air defense.

Now at the front, there is a big problem with Orlan-10 or ZALA reconnaissance drones , which operate at a depth of about 50 – 100 kilometers. They cause us a lot of damage because they provide targeting information for our artillery, HIMARS, air defense systems, etc.,
– said Samus.

In his opinion, carrying out the systematic task of destroying these drones with drones is the right direction. The area of ​​the theater of war is huge, and the saturation of air defense means is insufficient, and this is a huge problem. The Ukrainian side is trying to find a means to counter enemy UAVs.

It is inexpensive, even compared to the latest anti-aircraft artillery systems, and it is equipped with missile weapons. There are systems that, for example, can be self-guided, that is, FPV drones capture a target, for example, “Orlan-10”, and it will not be able to escape in any way,
– noted the deputy director of the Army Research Center.

According to him, this is absolutely the right direction of the development of weapons systems, as it is necessary to put into the system precisely the destruction of such drones of the tactical, operational-tactical level, which cause a lot of damage.


What is known about the Wing type drone

This type of drone has an average speed of 70 to 140 kilometers per hour. This allows you to pass along the line of contact with the enemy at high speed, which actually minimizes the enemy's ability to shoot down such an UAV with small arms.
Krylo-type drones can pass the front line virtually silently, turning off the engines and fixing the propeller blades in a static position. Having wings, such UAVs are capable of gliding at high altitudes. The device can have the function of automatic flight to the given coordinates and return.
UAVs of this type are quite capable of conducting photo and video recording of ground targets and using a target recognition program.

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