EF Education EasyPost confirmed Colombian cyclists Esteban Chaves and Diego Camargo for 2023

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Both riders will remain on the team and will be key to some goals for 2023

EF Education EasyPost confirmed Colombian cyclists Esteban Chaves and Diego Camargo for 2023

Esteban Chaves and Diego Camargo, Colombian runners from the EF Education EasyPost

Esteban Chaves and Diego Camargo stay for 2023 in the EF Education EasyPost, both runners have been important, in their own way, within the North American squad, so they do not look badly at an evolution for what is coming in the next year.

Diego Camargo has perhaps had to unlearn several aspects of cycling that is taught in Colombia during the first years, since his great climbing conditions do not seem to be enough to reach European cycling.

Since who stood out in a great way in the national peloton at just 22 years old, taking the Vuelta de la Juventud and the Vuelta a Colombia in 2020, the eyes of the European teams fixed on this rider, being finally hired by the EF where they were Rigoberto Urán, Sergio Higuita and Daniel Martínez, today only Rigo gives in the squad.

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Although it was thought that Camargo would arrive to learn about the way of running in the old continent to It should be noted that the boyacá native of Tuta has not found it easy to compete in the grand tours and rounds in general, so he has dedicated himself to running as a gregarious in some competitions and it seems that it will be in 2023, since it has been renewed for one more season.

While Chaves, a rider who has already accumulated several years of experience in the international peloton and knows what it is to be on the podium of the Giro d'Italia and the Vuelta a España, has convinced with his good results this year that he could continue to contribute more to the squad for the next two years.

The great tours seem to already have specific leaders as of 2023, since two months ago the arrival of the Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz to the American team as the top leader for the great tours was announced, mainly for the Tour de France, a race where For several years the Colombian Rigoberto Urán has been the commander of the group for the general classification.

However, according to statements recently made by the team's general manager, Urán would become one of Carapaz's most important teammates in the most important rounds, while in other types of competitions he would have a little more freedom.

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In the team they will have the British Hugh Carthy as capo in some three-week competition and it is expected that both Rigo and Esteban Chaves manage to demonstrate that they still have what to shoulder the team in some competitions as leaders thinking about the general classification .

Meanwhile, another of the Colombian riders who has belonged to the squad in the last two years, such as Daniel Arroyave, definitely did not find the luck or the rhythm of competition that they had expected since the team, so they have not reno ford for the following campaign.

The future of the Antioquian rider is unknown, who this year has had to concentrate on recovering as best he can from an accident while training, which did not allow him to be 100%.