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&Eacute ;education: Quebec's offer “far from being up to par” | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Josée Scalabrini, president of the Federation of Education Unions (FSE-CSQ)

The Canadian Press

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While bodies from the FAE and the FSE met on Wednesday to study the latest offer submitted by Quebec, the president of the FSE believes that the ;Quebec's offering is “far, far, far from being up to par.”

The two union organizations, the Independent Federation of Education (FAE), and the Federation of Education Unions (FSE), affiliated with the CSQ, which is part of the Common Front, received a new offer from Quebec Monday and Tuesday. They have been analyzing it ever since.

But from the outset, in a video addressed to its members, broadcast on Wednesday, the president of the Federation of Education Unions, Josée Scalabrini, moderated expectations. Yesterday, we had signals. We would be ready to start a negotiation. This is far, far, far from living up to your expectations and the expectations of your representatives. We'll stay tuned.

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The Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE), which negotiates alone, launched an indefinite strike on November 23. It represents 66,000 teachers at the primary and secondary levels.

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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The FSE, affiliated with the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ), represents 95,000 teachers at the primary and secondary levels.

FSE member teachers are currently at work. They walked out for four days in November, at the same time as the other members of the Common Front. The Common Front, however, announced seven more strike days from December 8 to 14.

In their sectoral negotiations with Quebec, the two union federations discuss more specifically ways to lighten the workload of teachers, particularly with regard to the integration of students with adjustment or learning difficulties: support from specialized professionals, creation of specialized classes, classroom aids, etc.

In her short video, Ms. Scalabrini also explains to her members that Quebec's offer is only an exploratory deposit and the Quebec government wants the negotiation not to take place through the media.

If they don't come out in the media, we won't come out in the media.

A quote from Josée Scalabrini, president of the FSE

She reiterates her desire to negotiate on the priorities of her members and not just those of the government.< /p>

As for the FAE, it indicated Wednesday morning that its body would continue for a good part of the day at least the analysis of the #x27;government offer made verbally Monday evening.

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