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ÉEducation: demonstration in front of Legault's offices | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Teachers and people who support them in their pressure tactics demonstrated Friday in front of the offices of the Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, in Montreal.

The Canadian Press

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered Friday noon in front of the offices of Prime Minister François Legault in Montreal in support of education personnel.

Shortly after 11 a.m., school buses full of strikers and supporters parked in front of Premier Legault's offices and at noon, demonstrators blocked traffic on Sherbrooke Street, at the intersection of McGill College.

The more the CAQ despises us, the more we mobilize, the crowd, made up of women in the majority, began to chant.

To the sound of horns and trumpets, several of them waved red flags of the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE), on indefinite strike since November 23.

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

Consult the complete file


I am passionate about my job, but I have to make choices for my family and then I am thinking, among other things to know if I stay in this job, explained Rosalie Gaudreault, a teacher who demonstrated and who fell in combat at the end of May.

This work stoppage could have been avoided, according to her, if there was a better composition of the class.

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Hundreds of demonstrators blocked traffic on Sherbrooke Street at lunchtime to the sound of whistles and horns.

This request is at the heart of the teachers' demands.

Me, among others, out of 23 students, I had 17 students in need, with school adaptations. I had a special education teacher in the class, but she wasn't full time, explained the 3rd grade teacher, adding that at her school, teachers need x27;help.

Rosalie Gaudreault works in a school in Laval, in a disadvantaged and multicultural environment where there are children who have not been to school for three years because they experienced the war.

The FAE is calling for more specialized classes to offer appropriate services to students with special needs.

We have kindergarten children who arrive from abroad, but there is no reception class for preschool. Some children don't speak French, some aren't clean, there are some who have never seen books in their lives, we have a lot of needs, the teacher explained to The Canadian Press. /p>

Rosalie Gaudreault made it clear that she sincerely loves what she does and that she wants to continue teaching.< /p>

I just wish I didn't get burned out again.

A quote from Rosalie Gaudreault, 3rd grade teacher

It's not the teachers' fault if we're still outside today; today, Annie Bélanger, French teacher, told The Canadian Press.

It is the government which is not moving and which does not want to improve the composition of the class. As long as there is no improvement in the composition of the class, we will continue to have teachers who fall in combat, added the teacher. p>

Even if the government and the Federation of Education Unions (FSE), a union grouping distinct from the FAE, agreed on Friday morning to x27;a proposal for a sectoral regulation, Annie Bélanger, who is represented by the FAE, did not seem very optimistic regarding the negotiations.

We've been on strike for 22 days and it's been four smoke shows since #x27;we have, so I keep my reserves. I have hope, but at the same time, I tell myself that we shouldn't have too much.

A quote from Annie Bélanger, French teacher

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">The striking teacher added that the FAE, the majority of whose members are teachers who teach in Montreal, does not have exactly the same priorities and the same demands as other teaching unions.

Because we don't necessarily have the same issues, explained Annie Bélanger.

The organizers of the rally wanted to make it clear to the government that it must reach a negotiated agreement now with teachers and all those who work in public schools, we could read on the Facebook page of the rally. x27;event.

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Public figures who support the cause of teachers took part in the event. This is the case of the writer and actor Simon Boulerice, who read a speech during the rally.

Several artistic personalities participated in this demonstration presented as a large citizen gathering to save public schools.

The actor Emmanuel Bilodeau, who x27;is described as an angry parent whose limit has been reached, notably spoke in front of the crowd.

Teachers are currently incapable of teaching up to their dreams with a government that does not seem to take their destiny seriously. During the election campaign, Mr. Legault repeated that education was his priority. I don't understand. What is the government's current strategy?, asked the actor.

Emmanuel Bilodeau indicated that he humbly proposes states general on education, but first a generous state for education.

Vincent Bolduc, Catherine Éthier, Simon Boulerice, Sophie Cadieux, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Vincent-Guillaume Otis and Isabelle Blais were also among the artists present on a platform installed on the sidewalk, in front of the Prime Minister's office.

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The actor and author Vincent Bolduc was present at the demonstration.

The 66,000 members of the FAE are on indefinite strike, while the Common Front threatens to follow suit in early 2024 if the progress is not sufficient at the negotiating tables.

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