Eddie Van Halen, guitar hero and heavy metal legend, dies

Eddie Van Halen, guitar hero and heavy metal legend, dies

The founder of Van Halen died this Tuesday in Santa Monica from throat cancer

Eddie Van Halen, guitar hero and heavy metal legend, dies

Hard rock made the electric guitar his ultimate fetish, with its angular sound, its shrill noises and that warmth that seems to emanate from distortion and volume, and among all the heroes of his plastic expressiveness, Eddie Van Halen was one of the best known and most celebrated. That athletic worshiper of the old rock liturgy died this Tuesday at the age of 65, due to throat cancer, in a hospital in Santa Monica (USA).

Van Halen was a guitar god when the guitar had gods. In the three decades between the first English rock wave in the mid-1960s and the commercial explosion of so-called alternative rock in the mid-1990s, being an electric guitar virtuoso was the best attribute of any aspiring man. rock star could treasure. Van Halen was king in the 1980s and retained the aura of his legend for the rest of his life.

Unmistakably Californian, though born in Holland, Eddie Van Halen, named Edward Lodewijk, was born in 1955 and was inspired by the Claptons and Pages to jump into the stratosphere in tights in the mid-1970s , when the world was discovering punk and music. Disco and heavy metal was synonymous with bad taste: something rude and vulgar.

His long solos with dizzying cascading notes were the hallmarks of his popular band, Van Halen , which he shared with his brother Alex (drums) and bombastic vocalist David Lee Roth.

Van Halen was a great touring show of rock, hairspray, sweaty breasts and fireworks that toured the world for two decades spreading fist-raised hymns like Jump , Ain't Talkin '' Bout Love , Runnin 'With the Devil , And the Cradle Will Rock or Panama . Although it is true that his millions of fans knew the lyrics, what they knew by heart and could sing without missing a note or effect were the solos of those songs (or of Beat it , by Michael Jackson, that Eddie Van Halen recorded in half an hour without charging after receiving the invitation from producer Quincy Jones).

They were years of mythical parties, massive concerts and immoderate consumption of alcohol, cocaine and pills. Their album 1984 , released that same year, was the peak of their success , with more than 10 million copies in the US alone, a success that did not decline over time: today Van Halen is the twentieth best-selling group in history. in his country and has 80 million copies worldwide.

The 90s killed guitar solos , a figure considered anachronistic and even ridiculous by grunge groups, which were still a new generation of hard rock fans. With the change of tastes and after the abandonment of Roth in 1985, the importance of Van Halen (both the band and the guitarist himself) was gradually diluted until the end of that decade the group dissolved .

Eddie Van Halen has maintained his career since then without wanting to reinvent his style, he got to reunite his band, went in and out of more than one detox clinic and did not leave a single bridge of a single song unfilled with the fast taps and sounds. strident of his guitar.

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