Ecuador: they seized 924 packages of cocaine in a container of tuna cans that was heading to the United Kingdom

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The Police carried out several operations that allowed the seizure of thousands of kilos of drugs that would be sent to Europe and Central America

Ecuador: 924 packages of cocaine seized in a container of tuna cans headed for the United Kingdom


Yalilé LoaizaFrom Quito

Ecuador: 924 packages of cocaine seized in a container of tuna cans that was headed to the United Kingdom

The The seizure of the 924 packages of cocaine occurred in one of the Guayaquil ports. (Twitter/Juan Zapata)

Ecuadorian authorities managed to seize 924 packages of cocaine that were destined for Great Britain. The drugs were hidden in a container that intended to depart from one of the seaports of Guayaquil. In addition to this seizure, the Ecuadorian Police were able to stop another two loads that would be sent to Europe and Central America.

Guayaquil concentrates the most important ports for the shipment of containers by sea from Ecuador. This is one of the reasons why the port city has become the logistics center for the shipment of drugs to the United States and Europe. In addition, the Andean country is located between the two largest cocaine producers in the world: Colombia and Peru.

equivalent to 928,071 grams, which were hidden in a container that transported cans of tuna. Canned products derived from fish are one of the most exported products from Ecuador to various markets worldwide. The shipment, explained the Police, was destined for Great Britain.

Ecuador: 924 packets of cocaine seized in a can container tuna headed to the UK

Drugs shipped from Ecuador to the United States and Europe are generally hidden in export containers that leave from the country's seaports. (National Police/Archive)

Likewise, with the help of trained dogs, police authorities inspected a container of bananas that had been contaminated with twelve packets of drugs, equivalent to 11,940 grams, which were destined for the Port of Antwerp, in Belgium.

As part of the police actions, another 16 packages of drugs were also seized, equivalent to 15,900, which were to be sent toPuerto Rico and that they were on the deck of a ship docked in one of the ports of Guayaquil.

Police authorities estimate that these three seizures prevented the 9 million doses, equivalent to 955,931 grams of drugs, will enter the market. In the international market, the drug could be priced at USD 40 million and in the local market, at USD 1.7 million.

The National Police has reported that, so far in 2023, around 5.5 tons of drugs have been seized and more than 650 people have been arrested for the crime of drug trafficking. In Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón, which make up zone 8 of the country, seizures total 1.3 tons and 201 detainees.

Ecuador: 924 packages of cocaine seized in a tuna can container headed for the United Kingdom

Guayaquil , Durán and Samborondón have become key cities for the operation of drug traffickers. (REUTERS/Santiago Arcos)

Ecuadorian authorities constantly carry out operations to apprehend people and substances subject to control.

Although seizures generally take place in the country's seaports, it has also been detected that traffickers transport drugs by other means and interprovincial roads in the country.

For example, last weekend , a man was arrested for transporting 293 packages of marijuana in the trunk of a van, equivalent to 438,800 grams. The arrest and seizure occurred in Esmeraldas, the border province with Colombia.

Government authorities have maintained a discourse that has placed drug trafficking as one of the latent threats to the country, deriving from this criminal practice other crimes such as violent deaths, insecurity, violence in prisons and even terrorist attacks such as those that Ecuador lived in November 2022.

Ecuador: 924 packages of cocaine seized in a container of tuna cans headed for the United Kingdom

The Lobos with Los Pipos, Los Chone Killers (900 members) and Los Tiguerones (1,200 members), were grouped under the name of New Generation. (Jorge Guzmán/EL UNIVERSO)

On the morning of January 24, the Minister of the Interior, Juan Zapata, announced that in the operation Betha , the National Police managed to dismantle the organized crime group Chone Killers. In the police action, 10 members of the band were arrested, who would be the alleged perpetrators of the terrorist attacks and murders registered in November.

The Chone Killers were born as the armed wing of the mega gang Los Choneros and although they were allied with this criminal group, after the death of alias Rasquiña, the alliance broke up and now they are participating in a fight for leadership. This gang is dedicated to drug trafficking, assassination, robberies and assaults.

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