Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso's brother-in-law and former officials are denounced for corruption

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It is the focus of a journalistic investigation on the appointment of officials in the electricity sector. The President ordered information to be delivered to the prosecution and to locate two implicated, although he defended his relative

Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso's brother-in-law and former officials are denounced for corruption

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, and his brother-in-law, Danilo Carrera, who has been designated as the head of a structure of corruption in the public companies of the country's electricity sector.

A corruption scandal in the administration of Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lassohas been revealed by a local journalistic team. Although the first deliveries of the investigation were dismissed by the government, the publication of some audios has put Lasso and his ministers under the eye of public opinion. Even the President, who is out of Ecuador as he is attending the World Forum in Davos, Switzerland, has ordered the police authorities to locate two of those involved.

The journalistic team of the digital media La Posta, led by Andersson Boscán, has revealed a structure of corruption in the electricity sector of the country that would be led by Lasso's brother-in-law, Danilo Carrera, and operated by officials from that strategic sector.

President Lasso, in an interview with Plan V, he assured that he has known his brother-in-law for at least 60 years and that he is a person of integrity. For his part, Danilo Carrera has launched a legal claim against Boscán for USD 500,000 , as he has assured that he is not linked to any criminal structure and suspects that they may have “taken his name” without his authorization.

In addition, Boscán has received multiple threats against his life since he began delivering the investigation that he has called The Great Godfather.

Ecuador: Guillermo's brother-in-law and former officials are denounced for corruption Lasso

Hernán Luque Lecaro was president of the Public Companies Coordinating Company (EMCO), from July 2021 to December 2022.

The new audios that question the “zero tolerance” against corruption that The Executive has proclaimed so much, they involve the former official Hernán Luque, who served as manager of the company coordinating public companies, and the citizen Rubén Chérrez, who would have asked for money to manage positions in public companies in the electricity sector.

In one of the audios, Chérrez asks for a monthly fee of USD 30,000 “for Danilo”.

As soon as the audios were released, President Guillermo Lasso issued a message from Davos and sent a letter to the State Attorney General, < b>Diana Salazar, indicating that it has arranged for all instances of the Executive branch to deliver the information that allows clarifying the case for which the Prosecutor's Office initiated an ex officio investigation.

In his message, Lasso ordered the Minister of the Interior, Juan Zapata, and the National Police to locate Luque and Cherrez and, if they are outside the country, coordinate actions with Interpol to track them down.

Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso's brother-in-law and former officials are denounced for corruption

In one of the audios leaked by La Posta, Rubén Chérrez talks about a monthly fee of USD 30,000 for Danilo. He would refer to President Guillermo Lasso's brother-in-law.

Zapata reported that all intelligence and investigation units of the National Police were activated to comply with the presidential provision: “in order not to hinder the investigations, we cannot give the location or any location (of Luque and Chérrez) at this time, but our teams are activated,” said the minister. This work will be articulated with the State Attorney General's Office, assured the Secretary of State.

In an urgent press conference offered at the Carondelet Palace in Quito, the Minister of Government, < b>Francisco Jiménez reiterated that “the Government has not participated and will not participate in any corruption scheme, in any level of the different State portfolios that occur.”

Referring to Lasso's disposition on Luque and Chérrez, Minister Jiménez indicated that the measure seeks for both men to be able to be and answer to justice for what their statements could be in said audios.

Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso's brother-in-law and former officials are denounced for corruption

The Ministers of the Interior and Government together with the Secretaries of Administration and Security informed the press about the actions by Guillermo Lasso, President of Ecuador, on allegations of corruption in the electricity sector.

For his part, the Secretary of the Administration, Iván Correa, and the Secretary Security, Diego Ordóñez, would have met with Salazar to convey the government's position on the case.

Despite the foregoing, it was learned that Ordóñez sent a message to the journalist Carlos Vera and complained to him for having replicated an investigation published by the digital media La Posta: “Incredible that you amplified in infamies, a thief serves as a source to muddy up”, was the message the interviewer received and made public during his program on Radio Centro, according to the alert published by Fundamedios.


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