ECtHR recognizes occupation of Donbas since May 2014

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ECtHR recognizes occupation of Donbas since May 2014

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Today, a judge in the Strasbourg court read out a summary of the decision on the joint complaint of the governments of Ukraine and the Netherlands against the Russian Federation.

As ECtHR President Siofra O'Leary announced during the meeting Russia, when considering the case, denied the possibility of considering the case and explained that it was about the territory of Ukraine, which was led by separatists; Ukraine, however, insisted that we were talking about the territory actually occupied by Russia (in the terminology of the ECtHR – the territory “under effective control”).

“The court rejected Russia's objections unanimously,” the head of the court explained.

“The court unanimously decided that since May 11, 2014, the events fall under the jurisdiction of the court”, since “the territories seized by the separatists were under the control of the Russian Federation”, the judge emphasized.

Thus , the Court proceeded to consider the case on the merits on most of the points of the complaint. Read a detailed analysis on the website of “European Truth” soon.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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