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Ecological skis from here stand out internationally

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The skis are made from flax or hemp fiber .

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The young Côte-de-Beaupré company Ferréol Skis is on the rise. Its new skis made with flax fiber stood out at the very last ISPO show in Munich, the high point for sports equipment manufacturers.

The model Surfer 112 won the ISPO 2023 award for its eco-friendly qualities, durability and performance. This year, we are the only alpine ski company in the world to have obtained an ISPO Award, rejoices Jonathan Audet, one of the three founders of Ferréol Skis.

We were really proud.

A quote from Jonathan Audet, co-founder of Ferréol Skis

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Jonathan Audet says he is particularly proud.

Freshly returned from Germany with Félix Lapointe and Étienne Boucher, acolytes and co-founders of the company, Mr. Audet recalled, in an interview on the program Première Heure, the objective of Ferréol Skis, whose practices are intended to be respectful of #x27;environment.

Still in development, the new technology used in the Surfer 112 replaces carbon or glass fibers, commonly used in ski making, with a virtually carbon-neutral natural alternative, the company claims.

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Moreover, three of their models were ranked in the 2022-2023 purchasing guide from the North American organization Blister, a reference in the field. For the three friends, it’s a consecration, proof that we were ready to play in the big leagues, says Félix Lapointe.

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Félix Lapointe and Jonathan Audet.

Since founding their company in 2019, the three founders have looked for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

They reached out for help by Jean-Charles Vandenberghe, advisor on eco-responsible business practices and clean technologies for the Ecoleader Fund, a government initiative set up to support those who want to establish sustainable development practices in their structure.

The guys came knocking on our door to say: "We need to make skiing that's a little greener, we want to be the leaders" , recalls Mr. Vandenberghe, who put them in contact with experts to guide Ferréol's industrial practices towards greater eco-responsibility.

Among these practices, there is the design and manufacturing of skis in the province, the use of biosourced materials and the development of techniques to replace synthetic fibers.

The three entrepreneurs met on the benches of Laval University during their studies in mechanical engineering.

Their end-of-study project quickly turned into a business when, in 2019, the 30 pairs of skis they had designed sold like hot cakes.

Jonathan Audet attributes this success to Ferréol's initial orientation. We targeted two blind spots in the ski industry, he recalls, because athletes were actively looking for much more agile and versatile skis. The second angle is the eco-responsibility side of our products.

Four years later, Ferréol Skis has six employees and produces 1000 pairs of skis per year, designed in Beaupré and manufactured in Rimouski. They are distributed in around fifteen points of sale in the province as well as in Alberta and British Columbia.

With information from Mireille Roberge

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