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Ecoflow and power banks will not help: the expert advised what to buy in case of long blackouts

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

Ecoflow and power banks will not help: the expert advised what to buy in case of long blackouts

An uninterrupted power source based on an inverter and several batteries will be able to provide the house with energy for 8-9 hours so that residents will not notice the power outage, assures Serhiy Kurdyukov.

In Ukraine, power outage schedules are in effect again, and for the winter, the director of economic programs of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, Anatoly Amelin predicts blackouts for 10-14 hours per day taking into account imports from Europe. Ukrainian Flutter developer Serhii Kurdyukov told on LinkedIn which devices he bought to feel comfortable during outages.

As Serhii Kurdyukov notes, Bluetti, Ecoflow and power banks are effective only if there is no light for 2-4 hours and there is hope that the blackouts will stop soon. In case of longer outages, the IT expert advises to find an Internet provider that would guarantee the operation of its system for at least 8 hours in the event of a complete blackout, as well as to purchase several additional devices.

The first device — uninterruptible power supply (UPS) based on a solar inverter. If power is needed only for the Internet, computer, refrigerator and light bulbs in the apartment, then a 24V 3000VA UPS is suitable, but if we are talking about more powerful devices, it is better to buy more than 48V. The author of the publication purchased an Axioma Energy ISMPPT BF 3000 hybrid solar inverter worth UAH 20,599.

Regarding batteries, Serhiy Kurdyukov noted that he uses Volt Polska AGM 12V 100 worth 5,257 hryvnias, but they are enough for 4 hours, so he plans to buy more. He emphasized that it is critically important to quickly charge AGM batteries and not keep their charge for a long time at 10% of capacity or below. You can calculate the required capacity using the formula: ((minimum consumption in W)/24(working voltage of your inverter))*10. For example, with an average consumption of 500W, you need to take batteries with a total capacity of at least 200A.

“We do not forget that when connected in series, the current strength does not add up, so it will be a 2x12x200 or 2x12x100 x 2 assembly. With this schedule, you will get + – 8-9 hours of quiet continuous work of all consumers, without even noticing that the light was turned off,” — noted the aitishnik.

The mentioned means will help to balance the use of the network, but ideally you need your own source of generation. Homeowners can install solar power plants on the roof and buy inverter or gas generators. As for apartment dwellers, you can install several solar panels on the balcony on the sunny side and, if possible, on the roof. Panels can be bought on credit with a 0% interest rate. Residents of the first floors can also install an inverter generator under the windows on the street, observing safety rules.

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