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<p class=Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce says he is dissatisfied with the position of the MonAvenir and Viamonde school boards. (Archive photo)

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Students should not lose a day of classroom instruction due to the April 8 solar eclipse, Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce says in response to school boards' decision Viamonde and MonAvenir to close schools that day and ask students to do work at home.

Many English school boards in the GTA will also suspend classes on April 8, but it will be a displaced educational day in their calendar.

MonAvenir and Viamonde did not have educational days planned before June, and both boards chose to leave them on the original dates.

In letters sent to parents last week, Viamonde and MonAvenir say that teaching staff will be available to support students remotely, if necessary, as part of an asynchronous learning day from home. /p>

Minister Stephen Lecce, however, expressed his dissatisfaction in a statement to Radio-Canada. I expect students to learn [material] that day, he said, not to be sent home without access to the curriculum and their educator.

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These school boards should reverse their decision, because reducing the number of school days is not the solution, and it is unfair to working parents.

A quote from Minister Stephen Lecce of Education (declaration)

Viamonde and MonAvenir indicate in a joint declaration sent to Radio-Canada, Wednesday morning, that they will not change their asynchronous learning policy on April 8.

The MonAvenir Catholic School Board and the Viamonde School Board share Minister Lecce's desire that students be able to continue their learning on the day of the eclipse, we can read. So, we reiterate that Monday, April 8 will not be a day off. […] Students will have access to the curriculum and will continue to develop their knowledge and skills in the subjects studied.

[The students] will have work to do and the teaching staff will be available to support them, which would not be the case during an educational day.

A quote from the Joint Declaration of the Viamonde and MonAvenir school boards


CS Viamonde and Csc MonAvenir believe that this is the best solution in these exceptional circumstances, we can read in their joint declaration.< /p>Start of widget. Skip widget?End of widget. Return to start of widget?

In her letter to parents last Thursday, MonAvenir's director of education, Nicole Mollot, defended the maintenance of the educational days of June 7 and 27. These days are important to allow staff to finalize report cards, close the year and prepare for the next school year, she explained.

Viamonde did not address the issue in his letter to parents.

Observing a solar eclipse without appropriate protection (protective glasses certified for this use or indirect projection) can in fact lead to serious health problems, including partial or total loss of vision, underlined the director of education of MonAvenir , Nicole Mollot, in her letter to parents.

Our main concern lies in the fact that the eclipse will occur at a time when most Students would normally be traveling to return home, added Viamonde's director of education, Michel Laverdière.

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